Energy Healing, OBE Sex And Will!

Energy Healing, OBE Sex And Will!

Happy Solstice everyone! If you’re into doing magic and casting spells – today is a doozy of a day for you! The extra emery on the solstice helps any spell manifest. But since today is Friday, the day of love, AND within the full moon range (a phase of the moon is considered 3 days before – the actual day – and 3 days after) — it really is a kick butt day for a love spell. Over at my Gypsy Magic blog — I have tons of love spells that can be cast today! But be very careful today what you wish for!

My son – who has been a good kid in all of his summer school activities – told me last night that he is firm, he wants to go back to public school. So I say fine – you will. So today when I pick him up yesterday, his teacher tells me that he has reverted back to his intrusive and not listening days. What gives? I just don’t get it. I asked him what was going on — and he just says but I want to have fun mom. I can understand that – but you have to have fun within the rules of the place you are at. he went back and forth for a bit – and I told him if I hear anything bad today – his x-box is in storage until further notice. He about had a cow with that – but some grumbles later he said okay. (update – he was a good boy)

So there you go – public school it is. I’m still not cool about it – but – it is his choice. We’ll see how the year progresses. Hard to believe he’ll be 8 on July 1st. He showed me his “whiskers” on his face they other day – lol.

Yesterday when I took him to and from school – I had a white butterfly follow me up and back both times — then here at home there was a beautiful yellow & black butterfly fluttering around! It’s been a while since I’ve seen any butterflies – let alone having 2 who were hanging around with me.

Today is a busy day. Stupid busy. I should fire the person who made my schedule –wait — can I fire me? Seems like a damn good idea! I could use the time off – lol.

DREAMERS seems to be okay as is — and now I’m working back on BLACK TRIANGLE. So don’t be surprised – again – if you don’t hear that much from me in the next week.

I’ve been obsessed by this little baby Cardinal (just got his feathers in) who is in a tall bush down the street. He’s learning to fly and for the last 2 days he’d stay on the ground. Which would be okay since mom is around – but it is right in the heart of stray cat zone. So I’ve been going down and putting him back in the bush a couple of times a day (gloves on mind you). Mom’s there and both her and the baby are rather used to me now. I have to check on him again today.

Orange Kitty (a new tom cat who showed up on my porch last month) really hurt his paw (wouldn’t walk on it) and now he hasn’t been on my porch for 3 days straight. Makes me very worried that something horrible happened to the guy. He is so starved for attention that when you do pet him he is soooo into it he scratches the hell of of your hands — so I have to wear gloves petting him.

Petting – which reminds me of hands – which again reminds me of how hot my hands have been these last two weeks. I’m rather baffled to the “why now” of them being hot. I know it has to do with healing and I’m just going to put my hands on the animals. If I think about healing or my hands being hot – they flare up. I’ve read more books on healing – and I have my own method. I had always thought though that I would do healing after my entertainment (TV shows, etc…) career was over – so later on in life. I can see Iris here shaking her head. Well, heck — I wonder what kind of time she expects me to do. Ahh – she is telling me that she wants me to read more before I go to bed – and on my down time (what down time) to put Law & Order on hold till Fall (oh man) and read to relax instead of watching TV. Is there any book I should be reading 1st. Yep – she wants me to re-read my Rosicrucian booklets (yes, if you didn’t know I am a member of the order) and at the same time – pick up he Advanced Chakra Healing book and go through it again. But I am not to fall into one method of healing – but take from here and there to form my own method. Just as I said that – I had a flash vision of a crystal grid with someone’s picture in it — to use for distance healing – and if someone is at my place (I’m going to have a healing place – before the castle – Iris says yes?) then I am to configure a grid around them as I work.

So if I am getting what I see — my energy methods are a combination of crystal grids (and laying on), energy and flower essences. Iris says — yes girl — now get busy with your practicing.

It’s strange cause I can see it as plain as day — a person on my table – but it’s not an ordinary table, but one that I have had handcrafted from crystal – a cloth covers it so that the patient will not be too cold as soon as they lay down. Around them are grid make from amethyst towers and large chunks of moonstone – there is a door to another room and in this room is a HUGE crystal in the center & sage smoke all around — and on the shelves sits just about every stone one can think of. I walk into this room to grab what stones I need and go back to the other room. I first place energy into the patient then lay down the stones. As they lay there with the stones on them (soft music is playing) I move over to the flower essences and put together a personalized remedy – I also see myself opening up a putting together a gem elixir. Way cool. This vision rather expands on past images I have had about a healing center – one that is in a castle – but this part of it seems to be in a cave, or in the side of a mountain. And I’m getting a yes from Iris – this part is actually built into a the side of a mountain where there is a fresh underground spring.

Sweet! Iris says that I have to start now with the healing as the entertainment career will help pay for that healing center. But in order to have the center, I have to be a healer. Makes sense to me. But dang it all – seriously – how do I shove it all in a day? I know — I know — no more Law & Order!!

Tracey emailed me Wednesday evening after I told her that Bill would be back:

He did show up again Allie – and this time was too funny because this time he looked really strange. He did not look like himself at all. I do not know if he was appearing as he was in a past life or what but he looked dirty and rough I guess. He had a beard and mustache and his hair was darker and he was dressed oddly for him – kind of rugged and dirty I guess. Anyways, he said that he has been working on Will on another dimension – as he realized that Will is having a hard time taking all this in where he is at this time in the physical reality. Bill says that he is able to travel multi-dimensionally – and that he was able to meet with Will on a higher level. On this level, he had more success and he feels like this will help Will. He asked me about doing some healing for Will even though I do not have his permission on the Earthly dimension in the Higher dimensions he is okay with this. So, I tell him that I am assuming that it is okay but I will ask Allie and pray about it in meditation. He says fair enough. He showed me his hands and they were rough looking – not like I would expect his hands to be. He said heal them. I said okay and I started working on him just like I would if someone were in person and his hands started glowing this beautiful emerald green and then they went back to normal – no roughness. He said see what you can do. Thank you. That’s all I remember, Allie. So, what do you think about the healing energy for Will and what kind should I do if we think its a good idea – like Reiki, Aura Clearing , Cleansing , Balancing – yadda yadda??

I gave her some suggestions on what she should try with Will and she mentioned that she was going to start with him yesterday. I haven’t heard back on what happened.

Iris is saying that I should ask for some volunteers for healing. I will do just that
– but not yet. I’ll take people in groups of 3 — I’ll let you know when I’m ready. In the mean time – think about it 🙂

Hell – now she tells me is that I’ll come up with some energy combo to aid sex lives – fits in with the OBE sex. Again — how many hours in a day? Okay, one step at a time – I have to stop looking at the whole picture, even though that is what I see right now. baby steps Allie – baby steps.

And on that note – it really is time for me to get back to work/writing/readings.

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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