Energy Healing and Positive Vibes!

I’ve been working my tush off all day. So much so that I’ve barely been online even to obsessively check my email! Readings – out the wazoo. Not complaining – not one bit. Seems that my gifts are ever expanding as I have never (until today) gotten so many nice emails that I hit the nail on the had – or that the clients got goosebumps as they read the reading. It was really nice to hear something positive.

I worked on the numerology and horoscope readings for the cell phone service. Pretty easy stuff – just time consuming!

I had every intention on catching up on my screenwriting homework, seeing that I’m 3 lessons behind. But the Divine kept nagging at me to get going and place my services up for energy healing. So I finally did! If the mood strikes you – check out the page here: I really am quite proud of myself as it was just not so long ago that I didn’t want much to do with my healing abilities and wished that they would just go away! I hope I can be of use to others.

Eventually I’ll get the Flower Essence service open. I’m not going to make them – per say. There are many other quite skilled in that aspect and I know I’m not one of them. Instead – I’m going to mix dosage bottles for people based on what area they wish to work on. Now this I know I have an intuitive zoned skill in.

Still trying to get “Ask Allie” into a print publication or a popular portal – so far no such luck. After 4 years of trying it sure does get frustrating. But I’m not about to give up.

Bill stopped by to visit today as I was working. I yelled at him to get his @ss in gear and slammed the door in his face. Probably not the most friendly or tender way to go. But I’d like to reach out and actually touch him – not have my hand pass right through him. Needless to say – he’s been absent the rest of the day and Ted has not been around at all.

It’s time to go get the kid for preschool!

Until later….

Crystal Sunshine!

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