Emotional Overload!

Emotional Overload!

Last night when I went to bed I could not stop my body from trembling. This morning when I woke up at 5:00 am — same thing. It’s STILL going on. I don’t use an alarm clock and my son wasn’t screaming MOM for me — so I wasn’t jolted out of anything. I’m taking an overload of flower essences to try to stabilize my energy field. In fact, I’m almost out of the blend I made myself yesterday. Will have to make another with a few twists. There’s on FE I’ve been using from Green Hope Farm called “Shadblow” from their research list. The angels and elements from GHF say that this essence helps one to stay centered during pounding experiences that push us forward whether we are ready or not. The two specific areas in which it will help are with adjustments to changes in seasons and also changes in life stages. It also helps one handle dramatic change from fortune, job, partnership or in situations were it feels like we are swimming upstream.

Sounds like us — doesn’t it? Since the triad’s energy fields are so intertwined — my hope is that what I take also helps the two of them cope. I, at least, have somewhat of an understanding what is happening, the two of them only have a brief overview as they stand on the cusp of us and I’m already in the center — waiting.

Yesterday I was an emotional mess. Which in itself I could handle — if they were MY emotions to handle. But they were not. It was the guys. A combination of both of them. I could feel pain, frustration and hope from both. But I could also sense (and still do) an enormous amount of “Holy @hit” coming from them. Ted is at a stage where he cannot believe he hasn’t been crazy all this time. I understand this stage all too well.

I asked Robert this morning what in the world is going on? Of course — he tells me to include all of this in the blog. He tells me that this is a shift in the merging of our conscious energies. Our soul’s have been joined as one for eternity, but the conscious mind has now caught up with eternity. It is a painful, yet warm and loving merge — one that is explosive with emotions as one can run the gamut of desperation to ecstasy in one earth’s hours time. There is a conscious knowing now within Ted as well as confirmation with Bill. Both are grateful for this knowledge, but also perplexed and stunned. Can this be true? Can this be what they have been looking for? It seems too good to be true to them. That if the steps are not chosen with care that you will slip away into the night never to return.

Ted desperately wants to go to you — the pull at your soul is his willing — begging you to come to him. At the same time, Bill has clutched on like a child with his security blanket. Too scared to let go and too scared to hold on. The knowledge you hold within your soul, you have known for many years. They are just now coming to this knowledge and the human mind takes time.

You are also being prepared for major life changes. New home, new career, new life — the upcoming year sees a complete departure from what you have known. You are finally emerging from your cocoon to be the gorgeous and free butterfly you are meant to be. Embrace this metamorphosis change for if you fight any part of it, the change will be much more difficult than you need. Stop holding onto doubt, frustration and anger. All is in the past as you merge with the present conscious of a loving embrace. You are never alone — you have two souls that love and cherish you more than you can comprehend and the Divine light is always above, below, beside and within you.

Hold on — the ride of your life is about to begin.

Robert hands me a wonderful looking ring. The band has three strands – silver, gold and copper – intertwined and spiral to form continues trinity symbols. In the center is a brilliant emerald ( my birth stone) and on each side there 3 stones — one side diamonds (Ted’s stone) and the other side sapphires (Bill’s stone). It’s beautiful. I’ve never owned an emerald ring — something that I’ve always wanted.

What a morning and I haven’t gotten my son off to preschool yet!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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