Emerald, Citrine And Iolite, Plus Bill And Ted!

Emerald, Citrine And Iolite, Plus Bill And Ted!

Over the weekend Edward kept bothering me about changing my 3 stone pendant. In fact, he’s been after me about it ever since he came back on to the scene. But I haven’t — too busy. Well, he wasn’t going to take that as an excuse any more and really turned up the volume on Sunday. So I said – fine– what stones do you want me to use? His response – pick out the ones that call to you. Then sit down and see which ones fit into the existing wrap without much trouble.

I did just that, bring back a nice handful of stone spirits. The ones that fit inside the pendant without much trouble were emerald, citrine & iolite.

Emerald – my birth stone. It enhances memory and stimulates the use of a greater mental capacity. It beings for the choice of “right” action and that action being the only one available. It’s helps to quiet the emotions and to bring harmony to life. It can help to spur one to activity and to facilitate intensity and focus ones actions. It will eliminate negativity from ones life and bring for the positive actions required to remain centered and focused on ones lifework. It can bring awareness of the unknown (past, present and future) to conscious recognition, helping to access the laws of order within the universe and to eliminate that which impedes progress. It can bring recognition to one. It opens up the heart chakra and attracts love.

Citrine – this wonderful stone does not hold and accumulate negative energy (like an amethyst), but dissipates and transmutes it, working out the problems on both the physical and subtle levels. It’s a “merchant stone”, and having one in the cash box, or one in the work environment it produces more income for the merchant – not only bringing wealth in, but maintaining the wealth. It also balances the yin-yang energy and aligns the chakras with the ethereal place. It brings forth creativity, personal power and physical energy. It stimulates both mental focus and endurance. It brings forth the intuitive self and promotes contact with the higher forces of intelligence.

Iolite – It’s used in the third eye area for healing, meditation and astral travel. Helps one towards spiritual growth and enhanced visualization techniques. When in contact with the auric field it strengthens and aligns the field with the subtle bodies. It stimulates visions and can influence spirits. Helps to release discord form ones life. It enables one to enjoy each moment and to awaken inner knowledge which has been waiting to be accessed. It is also acts as a compass, helping one have knowledge of directions and directional forces. It can help with the elimination of debts and also can help one accept responsibility to the self.

Interesting combo – don’t you think? Especially since I’d been trying to get rid of the negativity (ex husband residue), make more money, dig into my creativity, get focused and ferret out the mysteries of my past lives.

When I put the pendant on — I kid you not, I walked sideways. I had the hardest time walking in a straight line for several minutes and felt very light headed. It was the stones taking care of my chakras and my energy field. After a few moments I was fine.

The last couple of night Bill and Ted (at the same time) have been in my dreams. Ted is usually being an ass while Bill is somewhat aloof – although not as bad as before – with him asking me 20 questions about my life, what I know about him and I — etc… Although last night Ted was around for awhile and then Bill and I cut to a nice dream sex visit. I’m curious to see what happens tonight.

My email is out of control – seriously out of control. I must have 500 emails that need my attention. I need 2 of me.

I have a killer headache tonight and my son is coming down with something. I hope it’s nothing serious since I’m leaving for MI on Thurs:) I’m looking forward to the conference and getting to teach 2 classes.

Thus far the places I have contacted to help me with my past life research — nadda — haven’t heard a peep. I find it hard to believe that I cannot find anyone who wants to do this with me. I guess when the time is right, they’ll arrive.

Better go get a bit more done before I do my L Word chat:)

Crystal Sunshine!

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