Ecstasy With A Stranger…

Ecstasy With A Stranger…

He was not really a stranger – I could sense that in my soul that I knew this man, but from outward appearances I had no idea who it was. But – he did have beautiful eyes. Damn it – it just dawned on me — it was Bill. A snippet of the dream just came back to me when I said his name and asked why he looked different. It was a test to see if I would know it was him – HA!

Okay – so Bill and I were lying on a large bed in the midst of a large room. The room was decorated in warm colors and had an air of tranquility to it. My eyes were closed while he was massaging my temples. He was lying in front of me, on his side, up on his left elbow. His fingers were working magic on my headache. My left hand was rubbing the side of his thigh. Up and down my hand went with my fingers lightly caressing his skin. My hand slipped under his shorts & briefs to his butt. I can remember squeezing a cheek and then realizing where my hand was. I opened my eyes and he was smiling at me. I told him sorry about that – he told me to carry on. So I did. While I was grabbing his butt and reaching my hand around to the front – he put some sort of oil on his hand and rubbed the space behind my right ear lob – but at the top back behind where the ear lobe curves (we have an indentation there in each side of our head). HIS rubbing right there just made me almost orgasmic. It felt so good and I just sat there, reveling in the sheer pleasure of it all. Then he started to rub behind my left ear — and I swear I can still feel the heightened sexual and energetic sensations that it caused.

I can remember being in the midst of bliss, white light was all around me and then bang….

I woke up.

But if I take oil and rub on each of those spots behind my ears, it just wow —– the next time I have actual physical sex with someone other than myself — I’m going to mention this little tid bit. Behind my left ear is more sensitive than behind the right. Try it yourself — not sure if it’ll have the same affect on you as it does me — but all I can say is — THANKS BILL!

Oh — and he did mention that he knew I liked that rub from a previous lifetime.

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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