Easy Crystal Stone Magic

Crystal or stone magic is very simple and inexpensive to perform. Stones and their wonderful spirits are all around us. Any of these spells may be cast by using the ordinary stones that are can be found near your home.

Cleaning Stones

Stones are subjected to a multitude of energies before they arrive in your home. Prior to using them in magic, it is advised that you perform a cleansing or purification on the stones. However, it is always preferable to listen to your stones/crystals first to “hear” if they require a cleansing. I personally have 2000+ stones and I think I have cleaned only a handful.

This is a simple process which removes any past influences from the stone, getting it ready for your use.

There are a number of different methods of cleansing:

  1. Place the stones in full sunlight for a day, 3 days, or even a week. Placing them in direct sunlight is the way to go – not behind a window on a ledge. Some stones will clear after a day – some others will take longer. Check the stones daily and sense the energies by placing them in your receptive hand (left hand if you are right handed – opposite if you are left handed). If the vibrations are regular, the cleansing has been successful. **Important to note that some stones will damage/fade in the sun.
  2. Bury the stones in the ground for a week or so, then check to see if they have been purified. If they have, wash them off and your magic can begin.
  3. Run the stones under running water and wipe off with a white cloth. Check to see if they have been purified – if not – repeat the process.
  4. Another method that is popular is using sea salt, either by mixing the salt with water and soaking the stone or by rubbing the salt directly onto the stone. Many stones can get damaged by the harshness of salt – if you are not sure whether your stone will be adversely affected by the salt – avoid it altogether. Rule of thumb – the softer the stone the harsher the damage.
  5. Place the stones – preferably outside – at the start of a full moon for three nights.
  6. Lastly – and my method of choice – is to burn sage and pass the stones through the smoke.

Charging Stones

Many sources site – before using the stones in magic, they should be “charged” or “programmed” with energy for the specific purpose you need from the stone. My personal note on this is “programming” is simply wrong. It is as if you are willing the stone to do something against its will – think of it as trying to potty train a cat. Eventually, the cat can be trained, but your relationship with the cat will suffer in the process.

“Charging” is a different matter indeed as you are encouraging or awakening the stone to help you or someone else with the properties it already possesses. By charging, you are asking for a specific kind of help. You are letting the stone know which of its powers you need the most. It is also wise to ask the stone if it indeed needs a “boost”, many do not need the encouragement to help – they share their knowledge and powers willingly.

“Charging” is simply done by holding the stones in your projective hand (right if right handed – left if left handed), visualizing your magical need, and pouring energy out from your body into the stone.

Say for instance you have a Moonstone and need to get more sleep at night. Put the Moonstone into your projective hand – visualize yourself sleeping – with that energy pouring from you into the stone. Once you can feel the vibrations – you know that the stone has been charged.

Simple Stone Spells

(Taken from the book “Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem & Metal Magic“)


New Year’s Stone – At sunrise on the morning of the new year, go outside and find the largest stone you can carry. Take this back to your house and put it in a place of prominence. If you keep the stone in your house for a year, it will be one filled with prosperity. Replace the stone every year.


On the Fence – Rise before the Sun on the morning of the Spring Equinox. Find several stones and place them on the fence posts that surround your property, visualizing yourself, your home and life filled with luck.


Stone Love – Go to a place that contains many water-worn stones. Look for a large, flat rock while visualizing yourself being involved with the perfect mate.

On this rock, mark with red ink two intertwined hearts. As you do this, keep visualization in mind. When you are finished, bury the stone in the earth in an uncultivated place.


The Five Pebbles – Go to a moving brook or stream. While standing in the water and facing downstream, remove five small pebbles from the stream bed. As you do this, visualize your need for protection.

As your hand closes over the pebbles, see them beaming out protective energies. Just as the pebbles are hard and have weathered for eons, so too will they strengthen your protective shield.

Now carry them at all times for protection. If you wish, place them in a small pouch or a fold of cloth, or incorporate them into some form of jewelry.

Magical Intentions

Carry the stones in your pants pocket or place in a cloth pouch and carry with you.

Astral Projection – Tourmalated quartz crystal, opal

Business Success – Bloodstone, malachite, Green tourmaline, yellow zircon

Dieting – Moonstone, Topaz

Dreams – Amethyst, Azurite

Gambling – Amazonite, aventurine, cat’s eye

Happiness – Amethyst, chrysoprase, yellow zircon

Healing/Health – Agate, amber, amethyst, aventurine, azurite, bloodstone, calcite, carnelian, cat’s – eye, celestite, chrysoprase, coral, quartz crystal, diamond, flint, garnet, hematite, holey stones, jade, jasper, jet, lapis lazuli, peridot, petrified wood, sapphire, sodalite, staurolite, sugilite, sulfur, sunstone, topaz, turquoise, red zircon

Love – Agate, alexandrite, amber, amethyst, beryl, calcite, chrysocolla, emerald, jade, lapis lazuli, lepidolite, malachite, moonstone, olivine, pearl, rhodochrosite, sapphire, sard, topaz, pink tourmaline, turquoise

Money, Wealth, Prosperity, Riches – Aventurine, bloodstone, calcite, cat’s-eye, chrysoprase, coal, emerald, jade, mother-of-pearl, olivine, opal, pearl, peridot, ruby, salt, sapphire, spinel, staurolite, tiger’s-eye, topaz, green tourmaline, brown-green-red zircon

Physical Energy – Beryl, calcite, rhodochrosite, selenite, spinel, sunstone, tiger’s-eye, red tourmaline, red zircon

Reconciliation – Diamond, selenite

Sexual Energy – Carnelian, sunstone, yellow zircon

Sleep – Moonstone, peridot, blue tourmaline

Success – Amazonite, chrysoprase, marble

Travel – Chalcedony, orange zircon

Wisdom – Chrysocolla, coral, jade, sodalite, sugilite