Earthquake Or Just A Dream?

Earthquake Or Just A Dream?

I had a dream last night of a massive earthquake. I know instinctively that it was San Francisco and not too far in the future. I was an observer through all of this and did not suffer any of the tragedies that I watched the other people get immersed in. I watched a large dock, with a ton of people, heave up, and it looked like it flipped over, trapping all who were on the dock underneath. It looked like they were going to a large ferry/boat to take them to Alcatraz. I watched the Golden Gate buckle, heave ho and snap. In front of me I watch the city crumble and sink into a network of abandoned caves/mines. There was a lot of steam rising from the ground as what was still on top of the earth, tilted and slid towards the water. It didn’t matter where people ran, they weren’t safe.

It was odd, and chilling to watch the massive destruction of a city and not be involved in the midst of that destruction. I have no idea when this event occurs. What I do know though, that it was a sunny day a slight breeze. No warning to the general public, although the ones in charge of tracking earthquakes warned the federal government of many small tremors far under the ground that were building up to a massive mess. The government did not want to create a panic to the general public – so they kept putting it off. I get a sense that in the mid-west and east coast, that they are with snow and getting ready for a major holiday.

I prefer this to be just a dream. Time will tell, if I go back into it, if I can discover more time-wise on when this happens. I can sense holiday decorations in the city, but they are nothing like we do here in the mid-west — so I’m not positive which holiday they belong to.

Oh – and I did have an email that maybe I was too harsh on the “Ted” who posted on my blog. I don’t think I was…but there is a chance that this Ted thought I was talking about an actual TED in my blog. Ted and Bill are fake names – as are all the names here unless noted.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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