Dunshire,Ted, Tuscany And Bill!

Dunshire,Ted, Tuscany And Bill!

I needed a beer before noon today – not a good sign — not a good one at all. But no, I didn’t have one — more coffee please! So what happened? A whole lot of places I had to be in a very short amount of time today. I keep trying to tell everyone that I’m just one little dudette. I told my son that this morning and what does he say? “But mom, you said you have hands coming out of your brain and eyes all over the place!” HA! What a kid. I tried to explain to him the other day that I need more than two hands (as he was getting into something behind me) and when I busted him on being bad — he asked how did I know. I told him that I have eyes in the back of my head — all moms do:) He called me weird.

I haven’t been sleeping well at all. Every night – tossing and turning, waking up every 40 minutes. I’m traveling all over the place, absorbing much information…but it is insisting on staying in my subconscious. I tried to write things down as soon as I would wake. By the time I rolled over to get my pen and paper — the memories were on the tip of my tongue but I couldn’t access them. Very frustrating.

I have an urge to start a session now. My Smokey Quartz wants to tag along. I am immediately taken to a grassy field. In front of me is Ted, he is smiling. I ask him, what are we doing here? I look to my right and I see a castle – I know this castle…it’s Dunshire. Ted grabs my hands and says, trust me. We enter the castle and it looks as I’ve seen it before, like it has not been lived in for a very long time. I asked Ted what is this place — and he says that the name used to be Dunshire. I comment – but no one’s lived here for a very long time because it’s been haunted. He nods his head. Ay, but it’s a grand place, isn’t it? He asks. I stay silent — glancing about. I stare at Ted and ask, when did you know who I was? Or should I say, who I am? He smiles, the first second I laid eyes on you I knew you were the one from my dreams, me visions.

I grin back. And when did you buy this place? Last night — this morning. He reaches into his pocket and produces a large set of keys. But — how did you know? I just give him a look – you know the kind…a “come on — you know” look. Ah thats right, we can read each other, can’t we? I nod. He goes on to say – I had been going back and forth now for months about this place. I had seen it last year driving past and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Finally, I asked the Lord to give me a sign on what to do. And that night, last night, – you arrived.

This place is haunted? I ask. He nods — yeah, by us if you can believe it. He chuckles. Well, I don’t feel anything eerie now – do you? He says, nope. Legend says though, that the man walks to and fro all night long, wandering about — while a woman and her child do the same, always looking for one another but their paths never cross. Until now — I say. We can’t haunt us – he comments. Or can we? I ask. Looking about at all of the sheets covering things and the dust bunnies, bugs and spiders crawling about. There’s a lot of work to do before you can live here. Not a problem – he answers back.

I have to show you something, but don’t go freaky on me — ok? Curious – I answer — ok– not sure if I could keep that promise. He takes me into what I guess is a great hall. On the floor there is a rather large painting. They say that this painting will not stay hung – the ghosts keep knocking it down. Ted pulls back the sheet and it is a picture of he, I and my/our son. The reason I know it is us — our eyes, our smiles..haven’t changed.

Off to my right I see Brigit. My astral body leaves the body in this vision and I move over to her. I ask if I can stay as I’m liking where this is going. She says no, I have to see something else. So I go with her and wind up on a cobblestone street, a small street with building all around. She asks if I know where we are — I say Italy. She agrees and then I say – Tuscany. She smiles. Next thing I know we are standing in front of a nice size villa. She tells me to go in and she disappears. All I can remember next is standing over a stove trying some sauce — which — I must say is very good. I take a spoon full and move through the villa to a back patio. On that patio is Bill. He is surrounded by magazines and newspapers — he is writing things down. He takes a bite of the sauce and nods his head – gives me the “this is good” look. You’re going to make me fat — he says. I laugh and look at his lean body — hardly. I ask him is he has made up his mind yet. He tells me that he does not know what to do. I guess it’s difficult being associated with me if you’re running for Senate. He grabs me so that I fall on him — bull shit — he says. Washington needs a change.

You’d make a great politician. He nods in agreement. But do I want to put up with all the shit? That I don’t know. And what about you, your son…Ted? My son…my family — I can’t be in all places at once! I look at him firmly — but with tenderness in my eyes — your gift to the world are your words and your voice. Where else can you make a bigger contribution to society than by being in politics? It’ll all work Bill – it’ll all work. All you have to do is make up your mind and the pieces will fall into place.

With that I was immediately done and whisked back to my office.

After this session, something came to light — part of the dreams I had last night did deal with Dunshine and with Bill running for office. My Smoky Quartz enabled me to bring some key moments forward so that I would remember. And….something else I also remember is going down a very dark and dirty passage – me, Ted and Bill — we were going down and I can remember butterflies in my stomach. I was nervous and excited.

BTW..pretty good podcast today..give it a listen to!

Have a great day!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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