Dunshire, Ted And More Insight!

Dunshire, Ted And More Insight!

I jumped right into a session today and was immediately taken to Dunshire Castle – somewhere in the UK. Ted and I are driving up to it and stop before this stone staircase that is wide at the bottom and as you get to the landing, it gets smaller. We get out and I have a strange feel about the place. I ask him why did he bring me here. He’s nervous, I can see it. He shrugs and tells me that he knows I like haunted places so he thought he’d show me one. I look over to the right and I can tell where part of the castle stood once – but has since come down.

Instead of going up the stairs, I hurry off to the right with Ted behind me. I’m walking through the tall grass, and can feel an intense energy. I look over at him and comment – there used to be a tower here. He nods and wonders how do I know that. I just do – I tell him. The energy here feels like a pressure cooker. Not damaging though – very loving — it’s just extremely intense. It feels like I am standing on my grave. But it’s not morbid. Hard to describe. He tells me that he wants to go inside. I ask him how – he dangles the keys in front of me.

I stop half way up the stairs and have him do the same. I don’t know why I do this at the time, but I put my left arm around his waist. I think that it startles him, but he places his right arm around my shoulders and asks – what is it? I can’t place what I’m feeling into words – so I only tell him, we’ve been here before.

He says – alright, let’s see inside, shall we? So I follow him up and to the massive door – which at one time must of been a very rich red, but with time it has all but faded from view. He opens it and I step right into the same great hall I have witness in vision before. The energy in here is overwhelming and I stumble. Ted catches me and asks if I’m okay. The hair on my arms are raised, I have goosebumps everywhere. I look at him and ask – you know, don’t you? He nods and says that he thought he knew, but that it must be his imagination. Now he’s convinced. He grabs my shoulders and tells me that he is going to buy it for me. He’ll fix it up, my son and I could move here. I try to talk him out if it — too expensive the man will go in the poor house (he doesn’t care he says), what will we do out here – where will my son go to school? I have animals, I can’t leave them…and besides I doubt they have DSL out here. He laughs and says that my son will have a tutor. I tell him that he will need to socialize with other kids. He jumps in and says we’ll then let’s give him kids to play with.

Now I laugh. I’m almost 40 I say — he says I’m almost 50. Who cares? I remind him that he has 3 other children and he doesn’t need any more. He says he loves children. (SIGH). I tell him that he is making some major plans and he hasn’t even kissed me yet. He says that he must correct that – and kisses me. My knees go weak and my legs….what legs?? I think to myself:) I race upstairs and he follows me – down a hall I go to two massive doors at the end. I fling them open and it is the master’s bedroom – I recognize right off with the huge bed and red draperies. I go to a window and look out.

I tell Ted that in that past life, I knew that when he left I’d never see him again. He asks – why didn’t you stop me? Because you had to do her Majesty’s biddings or they would have surely killed you for betrayal. I would have taken you two with me – he adds. You know you couldn’t he was sick. That’s why we were in the tower when the fire hit. He was too sick to move anywhere and too heavy for me to carry. It didn’t take long though, to die. The smoke took us both pretty fast.

I go to lie down on the bed. See how comfy it is. He joins me and before you know it — passion takes over. I stop and ask – what if the owners come home? He smiles and says – they’re already home. It hits me – he ALREADY bought the place!

Then I was done.

That Ted, always so impulsive!

I know that I’ve seen this castle in many past visions as well as the master’s bedroom. The bedroom really stands out in the past vision I had with Ted telling me how much he loved me – in this exact room. I wish that I could remember that exact post. But it’s the one where Bill’s astral self step out from the wall while Ted is talking to me and then back in. This was the time when Ted poured his heart out and was very touching.

Will think on this and maybe search the archives later.

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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