Dunshire, Ted And Memories?

Dunshire, Ted And Memories?

I want to thank all who put the happy anniversary messages into the post that is no longer listed:) I read them – honest! My session is all messed up today due to my cat nap…well, I wouldn’t call it a nap. I didn’t sleep, just laid ether with my eyes closed while my cats circled me wondering why I was in their spot!

At any rate – the wonderful Ruby Crystal jumped up and wanted to be part of this session as well as my new Zagi Mountain Quartz Crystal with inclusions of Astrophyllite and Reibeckite. There may be some Yttrium (which are rare) inclusions but I can’t really tell right now. I’m thinking yes – but not 100%. Okay – so I just went to pick up the stone spirits and a silvery sparkle shown within the Zagi — so yes…there is Yttrium in there.

Well, this was a speedy session. I am immediately in a light-filled room. I’m naked, in bed, lying on my stomach. The bed is large, with great sheets, very comfortable. The top of my body is on the right side (left looking from the foot) of the bed. Next to the bed is either a wall of windows, or doors that open to a balcony. I don’t know as beige curtains cover them. A very nice room. I hear someone behind me so I turn over and it’s Ted. He’s in his briefs with two mugs of hot tea. He asks me how I’m doing, leans over and gives me a kiss. I put the mug on the bed table and lie back in bed. I know I’d rather be sleeping. He mentions something about my day – I tell him I have work to do. He asks if I can put it off he wants to show me something. I tell him that I can’t – deadlines. He says, he’ll have me back in plenty of time – please.

We are driving and we must be outside the US as he’s driving on the right. I’m looking out on green and rocky landscape. I want to say Scotland or Ireland – but since I’ve never been to either thus far – its a guess. Maybe Wales? Anyway, on this road I can see on our right a large castle. I ask him if it’s haunted. He laughs and says probably, but that’s not why we’re here.

We pull up and this place is just I don’t know — massive. But then again it’s a castle – so how small could it possible be? It looks pretty old. So I ask – any idea on the age? He shrugs and says the 1300’s with a new edition put on in the 1500’s is all he knows right now. What’s it called? Dunshire. He replies. We walk in and it looks like it hadn’t been lived in for awhile. I ask him why are we here? As I notice some rodents running about. He says that he came upon this a few months ago and he just felt good about it. What do I think – he asks? It’s not creeping me out. In fact, it feels strangely comfortable. Exactly! He says.

Do you want to live here? he asks. What? I —no. I don’t want to live here. Touch the wall he says. Go ahead – touch it. Okay….so I walk over and do just that, place my hand on the cold wall. I could hear something click and a rapid session of pictures that I can’t grasp fly in front of me. Ted is right in my face now — did you feel that? What did you see? He asks. This was ours? I inquire. His face lights up like the Las Vegas strip. He scoops me up and spins me around. Yes — yes that’s it! I’m standing there looking around, very very dizzy and out of sorts. It feels like a Mack truck did the happy dance on my body. I start to spout off about a ball here – something about a Stanford, in a red dress, falling down the stairs and breaking her neck. She was drunk and her feet got tangled in her dress as she walked. I tell him I can hear lots of children run around. There’s something about a fire I can’t grasp.

Ted says – I’m buying this, buying it today. This way you will have your home back.

And I’m done.

I wonder if this vision has to tie into the one where he and I were married, my son was our son, he was away on business and there was a fire, where me and my son both died – he never remarried. I don’t know – something new to find out. I can’t believe its been a whole year since my past life regression took place. I am in need of a few sessions.

Off to take more Vit C and then get the kid:) Where did the day go????

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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