I’m in a pretty good mood today – despite the fact that I had to rerecord my podcast 4 times! Speaking of the podcast, I put in there a spell from the upcoming book, Gypsy Magic For The Dreamer’s Soul about “Dedicating Your Dream Trio” (Dream Diary, Dream Stone and Dream Portal/Workspace): you can listen to it here:

Gosh, I have such a different perspective on life since that connection to Will solidified last week. I still get ticked, don’t get me wrong, but not nearly to the heights that I did before. I’m more like a duck with water rolling off my back. It’s nice — so nice. I want to shout from the highest mountain top about Will….I have a silly high-school grin on my face. And what I mean by that is the thrill you would get back in high school when the person you had been interested in finally says “Hi” — you can’t stop grinning. That’s how I am.

And that’s how I found Bill today. I had a quick session before I picked up my son from school. I found Bill back at the meadow, chewing on a piece of tall grass. He had a silly grin on his face — real goofy like. I asked how he was doing – with a smile on my face — and he replied great. He said – I’ve been watching you and you’re smiling a lot these days. Looks like Will was better for you than I thought – or hoped he would be. I hugged Bill. Don’t worry Bill, he doesn’t replace you or Ted — he a compliment to the trio. Although I haven’t figured out how this all fits together yet. Bill grinned a cute little devilish grin and cocked his head to the side — I know — he said. Care to fill me in – I asked? He shook his head — nope, you need to figure it out — just don’t overthink it! Ha! This came from the King of overthinking! I told him that I’m determined to figure it all out — therefore I will.

That was when Ted came up behind me and wrapped his arms around me – hi beautiful – that drop-dead gorgeous British voice whispered into my ear. Man — why does this guy always make my knees go weak? He gave me a kiss on the cheek and walked in front me so that I could look at the two of them together. Ted said to Bill – she’s smiles a lot now. Bill replied – yeah, and it’s not because of us! So the two of them ribbed me for a spell.

Then it goes serious for a moment. It was great seeing you two again. Good to see you too Sunshine – Bill said. Yes, very good to see you — Ted replied. I have to get back and get my son. Could you both do me a favor and keep putting your energy into Will and I physically meeting? Then we can all get together and get to work. Bill and Ted both nod. Bill went on to add – there’s a lot to do. We need to tend to the Sacred Circle. Ted and I voice our agreements — and I leave.

I feel the growing urgency to our life mission. I can also feel the tractor beam pull to Will and the quickness that we have to get something done. It’s that “what” I don’t get. I know that Bill and Ted have to do with Atlantis. But Will — my gut says something about Alchemy – the true Alchemy and the magic involved with it — not the generic term that new age circles seem to spin on it — reminds me of the spin that the advertisers and some new age people put on soul mates. I don’t know — I can’t overthink it — so if I chill, it may come to me:)

I keep having little snippets of scenes from Stonehenge. I haven’t had these types of visions since I had one of Ted and I in the center of Stonehenge — in the midst of getting married or some sort of sexual ritual. But with these flashes all I am getting are Bill, Ted, Will and I there – all in cloaks – I can see dark brown cloaks and white cloaks. Not sure what kind we have on, I can’t remember. It’s all there at the tip of my conscious mind….just like when you’re hunting for a word or phrase to describe something and it’s right there on the tip of your tongue but you can’t quite get it.

Off to make supper! Have a great evening!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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