Wow – what a productive weekend I had. I finished BLACK TRIANGLE and it is now sitting on my manger’s computer. Hopefully the changes will be minor. I also worked on the yard, took care of cooking down a ton of tomatoes and did some other bulk cooking. No wonder I was tired when I went to bed Sunday night. I did the busy body stuff when I needed a break from BT.

I started my Vincent Rambles 2 last night – and wouldn’t you know it, my ex brought my son home an hour early. So I stopped – deleted it – and hopefully I’ll be able to do it again and actually finish it.

This morning I’m getting my son ready for school and he says — mom, who are you going to pick? My mouth was full of toothpaste – so I muffled a “what”? Who are going to pick mom – you know – to kiss? Will, Vincent — I jump in – Vincent. Bill — Ted — he said — Vincent. Vincent – Vincent – Vincent – was my reply. He looked at me – mom, why did you say his name so many times? Because – I said – no matter who you say it’s still Vincent. What about Bill – he said? What about him — we’ll be good friends I hope. And Will – he asked. Don’t worry about Will – trust me – he’ll be in our lives – you’ll still see him. He said – I’d better — and I want to hurry up and meet Bill, I’ve waited long enough. I had to smile. But I assured him that he’ll meet whoever it is he is supposed to meet. And I had to assure him again about Will. If Will does decide (later on) not to be in our lives at all except on a professional level – it’ll just crush my son. I’ve never known a child to have such a strong attachment to a person they met once. But of course their attachment is past life lives.

He then went on (he was chatty this morning) that if Vincent is so much taller than me – how am I supposed to kiss him? And how is my son supposed to hug him? I replied that I’ll stand on a stool and he can stand on a piece of furniture. He said I was being silly — I was serious:) In fact in a dream visit last night I did just that – grabbed a stool and stood on it to hug him. This way I could get the full-body hugging experience.

During the dream visit last night – I was walking through a large crowd of people – it was all in slow-mo. Everyone was laughing – chattering – having fun. I’m at a table looking at something – don’t know what – when a surge of energy went right up my spin – the hairs on my neck stood up — and I just “knew”. I turned and there he was – Vincent – several feet away from me. Our eyes met and the instant it happened the slow-mo people were frozen in motion. He smiled – winked at me. His grin was huge – and it was soooooo cute. Man – he was so handsome. I blinked and all of the activity picked up to regular speed – and he was still there – but now he was walking to me. As soon as he reached me – he hugged me. When we pulled apart, he had my face in his hands. He started into my eyes and said – You’re more beautiful than I imagined.

My alarm went off – I woke up.

But I laid there feeling his hands on my face – the movement of his thumbs as they caressed my cheeks. HEAVY SIGH. What an image to wake up to – his handsome face looking at me.

Speaking of handsome — Paul Newman. He was with me a good portion of the waking hours of my weekend. Seems that Andrew was his guide as well and brought to him his wife Joanne. Andrew and Paul just smile — what goofs. Paul looks the age he was in Butch & Sundance. Oh – and the comment he made after I heard him was: If I knew being dead was this great I would have died a lot sooner. Ha! But he says he’s working with Andrew on the Vincent project (project is Paul’s word). He was with me all weekend helping me with BT. He is a very opinionated man. He said that’s it important to get it right. I agreed. When he got here Friday night – Heath Ledger came with him. Those two are hanging out. Actually – Heath brought Paul to me with a “see I told you she could hear you”. Paul also seems to like the song “Amazing” by George Michael. I have no idea why – but when it’s on I swear I can feel him dance.

Last year – or maybe it was the year before – Kal and I were at the Groves City Holiday Inn (our yearly accommodations for the ULE) and in the parking lot was the Oscar Myer Weiner-Mobile! I was instantly a kid again. It’s amazing how fast that Oscar Meyer wiener song can come back:) Every year we look for it – hasn’t been back yet. Don’t forget that at the ULE I’ll be at booth 894 and my OBE Sex chat will be on Sunday from 11:00 – 11:50 am in room 201. Stop by and say hi so poor Kal doesn’t have to listen to me jammer her ears off with my rambling:) The main focus of the booth is the Gypsy Magic books – but I’m also going to be doing readings and writing personalized spells. I just can’t really advertise the readings & the spells – but I can do them both:)

And on that note – better get ready to go get my son.

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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