Dreams, Todd and I Hate Elevators!

Dreams, Todd and I Hate Elevators!

Time.com actually had a blurb about yours truly in one of their articles – I was shocked to say the least. In The Crystal Ball: More Regulations for Psychics I’m in the 2nd paragraph from the bottom. If more regulations helps to point out scammers and save consumers from losing a lot of cash I’m all for it.

I think Time found my web site through another article I was mentioned in a few weeks ago: Family of Psychics Accused of Taking Millions in Scams. I can’t stand scammers – a huge pet peeve of mine.

Anyways – I was tickled that I was in both articles:) My parents were ecstatic about the Time blurb.

I’m waiting right now to get interviewed for a research assistant position for Summa Health Care. It’s a non-paid position that is helping a project looking at stress/trauma in children and teens. I hope I get it — it’s be interesting research. (I wrote this on Friday – it’s now Monday. The interview went fabo and I’m 95% sure I have it)

I went to my 25th class reunion this last weekend. I had SOOOO much fun! I can’t remember the last time I laughed so much and just had fun. It was so nice to see everyone. I hope to see a few members of my class more often. I may need to do a road trip to WI in order to do that!

This energy shift is really screwing with my sleep. I haven’t had a good night sleep since I connected to Todd and the accelerated energy shift began. He’s probably sleeping like a dead piece of weight. Really not fair.

Dreams galore with Todd. He and I walking in a lot of different hallways talking with one another. Then I can see him next to me in the backseat of a car (no guys, nothing like that is happening) – he is on his iPhone and I’m staring out the window. It’s weird because I know I’m thinking “This is too much. I didn’t sign up for this.” and Todd’s thoughts pop into my head, “You’ll be fine. We won’t let you fall.” Now I doubt it’s an actual physical fall — but whatever I’m about to get into I’m nervous. Really nervous like I would be speaking to a big group of people.

Another dream I’ve had countless times is really out there. Normally I wake up in the middle but twice now I’ve seen it through to the end (and I still do not have any answers). It’s a long dream (or so it seems) so I’ll give you the overall view:

Myself and 12 other men (Bill, Will, Ted, Vincent, Thomas, Todd and a couple more I’ve mentioned here) were bound to a wall in a dark room (like a dungeon I suppose). We weren’t able to talk – but myself, Bill and Tom all know sign language -so we communicated that way. I knew them – they had a feeling they knew me but couldn’t place me – all but Will. He knew me – knew my name.

Guards kept coming in and talking me away. Interesting enough – while I was being abused, I wasn’t in the room where I was (in my dream) but in the room with the other 12 guys who as the beatings went on – were just torn up inside.

By the time I was kicked around for the 3rd time – we were all out of our bindings. I kept telling the guys that they all have special gifts and they need to activate them before I’m dead. I remember thinking that Bill was the healer and Will could put a force field around us.

Time 6 when I was beat – I was screaming Todd’s name – just screaming at him to help me. Many bones were broken and I was fading fast. I sent the thought to him about as a kid I would play “light as a feather – stiff as a board” with my friends (which I did). (The 1st few times I had the dream I woke up here).

Todd got everyone in a circle and they all held hands. Next they thought about me being there in the center of the circle. Before you knew it – I was in the middle of the circle. I was barely alive. Todd said for Bill to heal me. Todd said I’m talking to him in his mind (telepathic) since my jaw was broken (along with most of my face) and I couldn’t physically be speaking.

Bill put his hands on me and concentrated on healing me – but it wasn’t working. That is until I died – then his healing gifts kicked in and brought me back. The next thing I know I’m just fine. Each person had a unique gift and before I knew it we were all out of there. Everyone but me scattered and promised to get together later. After I was alone – the man who kept beating me came out of the shadows. He said “I didn’t think you were going to make it.” My reply “I knew they’d come through – they always have. Now it’s time for us to get to work.”

With that I woke up. My thought is even though I got the crap kicked out of me and almost died – it was needed in order for the guys to dig deep, connect and then believe that they had their gifts in order to activate them.

Last night I had a dream about elevators and how they were not working right. Doors not closing, whole elevators slanting down. I had to take the stairs. It was a hotel – I was on the 13th floor and the lobby was on the 3rd floor. It was a big fancy hotel like in NYC. I couldn’t figure out why the elevators were out – but I kept warning people not to take them and they ignored me. A few times I heard the cable snap and the elevator plummet down  the shaft.

In the lobby it was a control room – like you would see at NASA or maybe a situation room like at a police station. What was going on there was super top secret and they didn’t want the country to know what was actually happening as it would cause panic. I was able to walk around there without being stopped. I didn’t wear the clearance badge that everyone else had – plus I was in my bare feet – lol. It was a mix of natural disasters (earthquakes mostly), ET’s and terrorists. Some how it was all combined. Now I’m really confused – but in the dream it all made sense. In fact one guy was analyzing something wrong – and I stood next to him and corrected his assessment. He then voiced what I said. I realized then that no one could see me.

I thought about writing about The Movement in this post – but guides are telling me it needs separate space. So I’ll end this blog post and continue on with another one.

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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