Dreams, the Unknown Man and Noah Wylie!

Dreams, the Unknown Man and Noah Wylie!

Still alive with this heat – although this week it is really starting to take a toll on me. Since it got so hot and humid, I can’t seem to wake up before 8 am. I’m a 5:30 waker upper. I actually like getting up when the sun comes up. So this sleeping in is really screwing with my internal clock. And yes – I have set my alarm. I never hear it and I turn it off in my sleep. I guess the universe wants me to sleep.

Because of the heat I will probably cancel the Allie Theiss Show for the week. I’m not happy about it – I don’t want to do it. But I feel like roadkill by the time 8 pm rolls around. I’ll decide sometime today or by Tuesday morning on what I’ll do.

The last dream sequence I had this morning was really odd. And the fact that I cannot recall the face of a person is driving me crazy – because I know this person is important to my future and he has been in my dreams before.


I’m overseas somewhere, at a wedding (not mine) and it’s over as well as the reception. I’m in the hotel lobby – where I’m also staying and I notice the time. It’s 6:00 pm. There’s a guy next to me – tall (6′, 6’1″ maybe), dark hair, nice shoulders – and he’s in a suit (I’m in  dress) we met at the wedding.

I notice the time and I’m like **(^*%$%$ my plane takes off in 10 min – so much for going home today. I thought to myself how can I afford another night in this hotel and then I remembered the extra money I had. I go up to the front desk and tell them I’m staying another night – no problem.

This guy and I go up to my hotel room. we go in and it reminded me of a typical NYC hotel room – small and cramped yet had all the amenities. He comments nice room. I think to myself that his room must be double or triple the size and that he was being polite. I somehow knew he was well off.

We’re on my bed and I’m reaching under the bed for a suitcase. He finds it, brings it up onto the bed. It’s a blue suede suitcase (I took notice because my actual luggage is red and it’s not suede). I notice that he has nice hands. Not nice in the sense that he gets a manicure, but they’re – I guess – manly. I don’t know how else to put it. Right then I remembered that he has been with me before in countless other dreams and I can never remember his face – ever.

I want to stare at him, but instead open up my suitcase to get out my airline ticket so I can change flights. Once I find the ticket he kisses me – the sweetest kiss. We talk about something – no idea what – and just kicking back relaxing.

It then shifts to him kissing me again and him sliding his hand up my skirt. I have no panties on! This surprises both him and I to the point that we both start laughing.

This in turn shifted me outside on the street – and by a tree stood Noah Wylie. I mentioned to him that I like Falling Skies – he thanked me. Then we went on to talk about ER and that the only reason I started to watch it was for because of him and then Anthony Edwards (but I couldn’t think of Anthony’s name). I was trying to think of his name which got me to Top Gun, then Maverick and then Goose. Noah mentioned he liked that movie and I said I had it. He asked if we could go watch it and I’m like sure! Then I said I also have Ferris Bueller and Major League. He was all for watching all 3.

Now I have no clue why it shifted from unknown man to Noah Wylie. I don’t think Noah is unknown man – so I don’t know his place in the dream sequence. I think though that I will have to watch Top Gun today though – lol.

I’ve been trying – unsuccessfully – to figure out who unknown man is. He’s important to me – I know it. He also has something to do with my future here in the physical reality. His face is “right there” on the tip of my tongue – so to speak. Everything about him is very vivid and I can remember perfectly – except for his face. SIGH. I’m finally going to give him a label – although I’ve talked about him before, I decided to keep track.

Off to eat lunch and then the Ask Allie podcast!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

Off to eat lunch then the Ask Allie pocast!

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