Dreams, The Bathroom and a Guy Named Alan.

Dreams, The Bathroom and a Guy Named Alan.

Dreamtime was a bit surprising last night.

It started with visits from both Bill and Ted. But my son kept getting cramps and waking me up – so visits were very short. Don’t remember a thing – just that they happened.

I move to a setting where I am with my best friend Jane -and a few other people who I am assuming we are friends with. She is taking her time to do something – I am itching to leave. She tells me that if I’m in a hurry to get my @ss to the car. I don’t want to walk the six blocks by myself. We end up getting into a physical fight. I finally say that I will go and ask the group of people for someone to come with me – they all say no. I promise them that I will not speak the entire trek. Finally a woman with shoulder length dark hair says she’ll go. She dressed kind of like a punker. I tell her that I will pay her $50.00. She likes it. We are about to leave when I have to go to the bathroom. I tell her I’ll pay her another $30.00 to wait for me. She agrees.

I run inside and find a clean bathroom (most of the time in the last few years – all bathrooms have been disgustedly dirty in my dreams and I’ve not been able to go. If I did go – I was disgusted) it was white and very sanitized smell and appearance. I pee’d and it lasted a while – I thought to myself that I really had to go and that I’ve been holding for far to long. I finish up and push the door to walk out of the bathroom….

….and I enter that same white complex that I saw Bill/Ted in almost a year ago and then a politician – I’ll call him Ed – about six months ago. There are celebrities around everywhere. But I keep seeing a famous guy – I’ll call him Alan. He has on jeans and a long-sleeve light blue shirt. Him and another famous dude – his man shall be Willard – were talking to people about their new project. Willard had a camera in his hand and kept taking pictures of everyone – including me.

I pass another male famous person – he has curly hair – I think it looks funny – he is running towards his pregnant wife. A few other celebs and then I enter into the same auditorium where I saw Ted and the some friends exit come in a dream from last year. The place is jammed packed. As I’m moving to find a seat – along the far side is Alan – he is staring at me. I mean very intently. Our eyes lock – he sits down and I make sure my seat that I can see him. He talks to someone to his right and it’s my sister. A person sits in a seat that blocks my view so I stand up.

Alan is gone but my sis is looking at me. So I’m yelling – what? She motions for me to come over. I leave the auditorium and move through the hallways towards her seat. There is a woman there in an al white band uniform taking tickets. I know that I need a ticket – but I also know that I won’t be stopped. And I wasn’t:)

I round the corner and see Alan with a large bag of potato chips in his mouth dodge into a corner store (this is still inside this massive complex). I see sis and she tells me that it took Alan only one look at me to know that I was the one. I tell sis but I’m not – you know that She replies – he says you are the one he’s been looking for all his life. I tell her that I’m not physically attractive like those blonds I saw him in a magazine with. She tells me that she doesn’t think he gives one hoot about my appearance – he’s in love with my big brown eyes.

This is when Alan comes out of the corner store holding the chips in his mouth, bottle of wine under his arm and two foot long subs in his hands. He has on an Amish hat (a hat that an Amish man would wear) and a fake bread and moustache. He winks at me and motions with his head for me to come along. I realize that he is in disguise so that others will not bother him. I smile and run to catch up to him. I place my hands on his arm – and then I wake up.

Throughout the last several years, I’ve had many dream with Alan. It was mostly me staring at him to try to figure out why he’s in my dream. We never made contact – (or almost really) until this dream.

After I got up – I kept seeing a scene play out that Alan kept telling me that it was him – not Bill – who I should be with and I kept trying to convince him otherwise. He was getting very upset and aggravated that I would not see this his way.

Last night I ordered my ISBN numbers for the books and joined SPAN (Small Publishers Association of North America). Hope to finish the Gypsy Girl Press web site this weekend. I’m almost done with my part for the gypsy love book and then off to the editor it will go this weekend and then it will get formatted next week.

My poor dog Indiana Jones – you know, the one who is always ill – had his last 4 teeth taken out yesterday. My poor super snoop. He’s only 7 but looks 15. But now no more abscesses or infections in his mouth. I saved him as a pup and he had I think – Provo (sp?) – which should have killed his little butt then. But he survived and one of the side affects of him living was to lose all his teeth. Eventually he’ll have seizures – but I hope its awhile. Poor Brodie was depressed all day until Indy came home:)

I’ve been taking the flower essences now for 21 days and I must say they have worked like a charm! I’ve been more focused and centered. The essence for my cat Trouble has also worked as the spraying is down a lot. Essences are designed to take about a month to work. It doesn’t matter how much you take during the day – as long as it’s every day and you are consistent. At the start of Aug I’m going to switch to another part to adjust – not sure what – possible healing or psychic gifts. I’m also going to try some Chicory for my son to try to tone down his emotional neediness, clinging and his demand for excessive attention (by being destructive).

Back to work I go!

Until tomorrow…

Crystal Sunshine!

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