Dreams, Telepathic Connection And Faden Crystals!

Dreams, Telepathic Connection And Faden Crystals!

My dreams have been so jammed packed as of late. I’m traveling all over the place, meeting so many different people. I can barely remember meeting someone new last night. He was a man, about age 40 – 45, with blondish brown hair cut short – almost like a military cut, but not quite that short. He worked second shift, lived in an apartment or condo, owned a dog. There was light banter going in, friendly conversation with an attraction. But I don’t know his name, or where he’s from. Eye color I think is blue, maybe green – but it’s his smile I remember the most. Very sexy, but very shy. I can remember showing up at his home with a friend of mine and giving him a coupon for dog food. I can’t even remember what friend I was with, expect that it was a female. He was surprised that I was there that late at night to give him a coupon. We both knew it was an excuse. He was a shy person, and would run his fingers through his hair and scratch the back of his head when he was nervous. I wish I could remember more. He did remind me a lot of Ted, but did not have speak in a British tone of voice.

I don’t know what it is about me and dream bathrooms. But I was in a spooky location, at night, with some girlfriends. We had to change our clothes as we were going out clubbing. My friends were in a bathroom, but it was a public bathroom, in a house. I have over my shoulder some clothes on hangers. I move around the girls to go to the line of stalls. But I can’t go in there because the floor is covered in water. The stalls were not dirty at all, but the water was running from the toilets on the floors, and the water flowed past me. The toilets were almost up hill a touch so that the water ran down past me. The water came out from both sides of the stall, but in the middle it was dry. I was in my bare feet and did not want to step in the water. So I changed in front of everyone. My shirts were not acceptable (according to my friends) because they were damaged somehow. So I wore a rose colored outfit where the top was strapless. I remember feeling out of sorts. Next thing I can remember is that we were going to a meeting first, I’m thinking with vampires to see who had control over this domain. I woke myself up.

I can remember going on bridges over water, racing in cars. Traveling to large white schools that were dome shaped. People, people everywhere. You know that feeling when you are asleep that you are falling and the bed moves? Well, I had that too the other night, but I can remember my astral body connecting to my physical body by going in feet first. It was a strange sensation!

I’ve been working a lot on the telepathic connection to both Bill and Ted. I have to mentally remember to lower my protective shield to my mind. It’s a hard thing to remember as I’ve perfected my protection over the years. I’m trying to work out a way that those two have access to me without lowering my shield to others. This is a complicated task. While working on this I finally realized that during my younger years why no one could give me an accurate reading – I wasn’t giving them permission to gain access to my energy. I think that this is a big reason why most people who try to do a reading for me cannot pick up on either Bill or Ted as they do not give that person permission to access their energy. They are consciously aware, as am I, that although we have a natural shield around us to protect outsiders from reading our thoughts, we can strengthen it. Now I have to apply this same principle to allowing the both of them in.

I am continuously connecting to the two of them during the day without going into a meditation. I’m trying to be able to do it at will as I’m engaged in another activity, such as making dinner, getting my shower or while working. I want to reconfigure my three stone pendant to include a faden crystal, but thus far I haven’t found on that will fit. So I have been carrying one around with me as well as having another one next to my bed at night. If you are not familiar to what a faden is:

Faden Quartz are crystals that have a clearly visible, milky, feather line, that usually runs through the crystal. This “string” or “thread” that is perpendicular to the growth of the crystal is unique to Fadens. Faden lines manifest primarily in tabby shaped crystals, but have on extremely rare occasions been found in a normal single point crystal. It is believed that the line represents the seed point of growth and they have the ability to activate or start new growth within one’s self or within someone you are working with, utilizing healing energy. The Faden crystal is one of connection, stimulation and furthering connective forces between the self and that which is chosen as the recipient. It is also a stone for the exploration of the parallel dimensions of ones reality. It strengthens the “silver cord” and produces an energy, which both promotes and protects one during flight. This crystal facilitates the attunement between the self and another; similar to the action produced by the Herkimer Diamond. It assists in producing and maintaining the ethereal connection, which one has with another (on any planes, in all dimensions). It is a stone for finding ones complement on the physical plane, serving as a magnetic field to attract ones counterpart and to facilitate an unfathomable energy transfer between the self and the other. Bent threads or curved-like fibers in the crystal, instead of the linear fibers help with future-telling and telepathic activities.From “Love is in the Earth” by Melody

I have both the linear and curved fadens. The curved is what I carry with me during the day, and the linear is by my bed. I have also been using the Spider Lily essence from Green Hope Farms ( http://www.greenhopeessences.com/) as it strengthens telepathic abilities.

I’d better get back to work!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Crystal Sunshine!

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