Dreams, Soul Circle and a Shift!

Dreams, Soul Circle and a Shift!

I’m off to bed in hopes of a decent night sleep. The last couple nights my sleep has been close to zero. Last night it was stupid dreams about my husband driving the car from the back seat and me yelling for him to give me control – which he finally did. This dream then morphed into me driving a run away Amish buggy w/2 horses. I know – I’m following the theme – my life is in the control of others, or so I perceive it to be. Not to sure if I would agree with that. Although if the dreams mean that others will TRY to take control (I did manage to take control of the out of control vehicles in each dream) and even though I have to struggle – I will win. Now THAT I can sink my teeth into.

I made an amazing discovery yesterday. I found another member of my soul-circle. 6’2′ – blue eyes and sexy as hell. The Divine has one heck of a sense of humor sticking these hot men in my soul circle. So far I’m the only woman – odds I like:) I have known of this man since 1983 – it took 22 years for something to “click” and it finally did last night. I saw him and I felt the same BUZZ I do when I see Ted. Since I’m now very conscious of my “feelings” and what I “sense” I explored this one further. And I’ll be dammed:) I couldn’t believe it. I gotta give this guy a name…let’s see….Bob..no that could get confusing with my guide Robert. I got it – Peter. Sounds like a plan. I emailed him – nothing major mind you – just a nice hello….etc……I’m not expecting an email back – but I had to say something.

Today I felt a shift. Not sure what kind of shift – but when I consulted my intuitive friends if they felt anything – they didn’t. So it was all about me. It’s hard to describe the shift – I’ll chalk it up to feeling pressure in your ears and when you turn your head a certain way your ears pop and you can hear normal. My energy shifted and I felt more attune to the energy around me.

Back to Peter. All day that man just sat in the third-eye area. No matter what I tried to work on today – there he was. No matter who I tried to think of – there he was. The pressure in my third-eye area was similar to if I was lying on my back and someone placed a medium size rock on my forehead. During the day – I could feel Bill trying to capture my attention but couldn’t. Just a couple of hours ago he pushed Peter to the side – the pressure on my third-eye eased up and Bill was smiling like a cat who just caught a canary!

My right eye keeps twitching and it is very annoying. So which ever one of the guys has this going on – keep it to yourself:)

Speaking of guys – I have a friend that passed away a couple of years ago in an auto accident. Surprisingly, he was the only one killed – his children and wife were just fine. Any way – Dave has been showing up A LOT the last several months. Now he is bugging me to try automatic writing – just me, him, a pen and some paper. Now heck – I can’t read my writing when I’m paying attention to what I write! I’m not so sure how I’m going to read my writing if he’s doing the work.

My mom actually is getting some flower essence from me – I couldn’t believe it! It’s the first time she has actually asked for my help in this manner! Whoo hoo!

It’s soooooo cold here! What I wouldn’t do to be in Mexico right now in the sun!

Until Later!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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