Dreams, Runes And The Stone Pendant!

Dreams, Runes And The Stone Pendant!

Where do I begin? I seem to have a lot to tell and I hope I remember everything there is:)

Saturday night I had a dream visit with Bill. He and I were back in that library. I wanted him to sign a couple more of his books that I owned as I wanted to sell all of them on eBay and give the money to a children’s charity. I felt sad at the prospect of putting his work on eBay to sell — but I knew that it was something that I had to do. He was okay with it all. Then he said – someday you’ll be living with it all anyways. I woke up. Probably some day I will be living with it all in the same house – but it’s not for several decades to come. So I wonder why I had this dream visit now? Maybe this was his way of telling me it’s okay. I don’t know .

My guides wanted me to change my 3 stone pendant. Ethan kept nit picking until I finally agreed. I had no idea what stones they wanted me to put in there — so I went around my office and picked up the stones that called to me. There was about 9 in all. When I have several stones – I have to mix and match until the combo goes into the pendant effortlessly and stays put. The combo that was required was: aventurine, amethyst, Herkimer diamond. This combo is to help heal and open my heart chakra, heighten my psychic abilities, and have a stronger telepathic connection. And yes – I do think that this has to do with Will. Not only because of type of stones – but each stone vibrates to a certain number. All 3 of these stones vibrate to a 3. My Life Path via Numerology = 3, & Will’s – a 3. So there you have it.

Speaking of Will (and since when lately aren’t I?) — I had a hell of a time sleeping last night. It could of been my back because of the @hit load of snow I shoveled (with my neighbors help — very thankful I am) or my constant worry that Darin was going to blind side Raisin again. But I spent more time awake than asleep. And I couldn’t remember any dream visits with Will all weekend — until 6:00 am this morning. And it wasn’t Will — but about Will and me. Let me explain.

My son was taking a bath. We were in some sort of communal house — it was rather dark inside. My ex came in and was looking really lost. I told him Hi – how are you? And he still looked lost – like he had no clue who I was or our son. He disappeared and here comes Will’s on again, off again girlfriend (in real life). I was shocked to see her. Her hair was done 1940’s style – she had really red lipstick on and a flowered dress. She looked at me and says — looks like we’re in love with the same person. Then she leaned in and tried to kiss me. I leaned backwards and looked at her like – girl — are you crazy? Then I said – maybe we do. She gave me a really odd look and walked away. Then this other woman shows up (no idea who she is) as my son and I are walking out the door into the blinding sunshine and she says to me — he told me he loved you. I look at her and I say who – Will? And she says yes. I ask – how can that be if we only met once? She says – it took only one look – one look and he knew in his heart that you were the one. So be patient with him – he’ll come around. She turned around without another word and walked away. My son and I walked out into the light — and I woke up. I laid there for a bit going over and over that scene. I still get goose bumps when I think about it.

Snow. We had so much dang snow here that I’m sick of looking at the stuff. The refused to call it a blizzard (even though most of Ohio was shut down) because the winds didn’t meet 35 mph. I am very thankful that my neighbors helped me shovel the heavy snow from my driveway. Then the washer blew up for its final time. Very grateful that I had enough room left on a credit card to buy a new one. Should be here by week’s end – since it was a special order. I’ve noticed that Wooster doesn’t carry a lot of energy star appliances.

I did a Rune cast for myself to find out what inner cycle I am currently experiencing. This is what I drew:

Laguz (flow) – Present
Sowelu (wholeness) – Attitude to take to make it through cycle
Uruz (strength) – Consequences derived from the attitude

Presently there are unseen forces at work. I am in the flow of my intuitive nature and am cleaning out areas of my life that are no longer needed. I am attuning to my own rhythms and bringing to me people, places and situations that are part of my self-transformation. The door to the past is shut completely and life is taking on a whole new dimension. I have to follow the path that my soul calls me to — my reason to be here. I have to go with the flow and remember that what I am striving to become, I already am – I just need to realize it. I have to bring forth my essence and shape it creatively as the life force of the universe is here and available for my use. The result of this attitude will be a new beginning – a fresh start as my old life has outgrown its usefulness. There is positive growth and change – although since I have let go of people, places and situations – there will be lose. I will have a new perspective and new strength that will allow me to adapt to the demands of a very creative time. My soul and the universe supports my new growth.

Well I’ll be dammed — it’s about time. If you look back on my blog entries – you’re going to see that I have been letting go of many things in my life — and I have been shifting things to embrace this creative time. Yay! I so deserve it:)

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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