Dreams, Death, The 1920's And The Crystal Skulls!

Dreams, Death, The 1920's And The Crystal Skulls!

This is the 2nd time I’ve tried to write this post. The first time – when I was almost done – my computer crashed and I lost it. That’s how my day has been moving along. Two steps forward and three back. So being pissed at losing my last entry – I took a long break before I tried this again. Plus — all day I have not been able to post to my blogger account. I’ve had to switch to the blog being hosted on blogger and then switch back to it being hosted on gypsyadvice in order for anything to show up. What I’ve been trying to do today is find another blog template for Allie’s Two Cents. This one bores me to tears. I wasted half the day looking around and trying to find one that would work with blogger & my site (and yes, I did a search for blogger templates – but they have to be the classic style and not XML) and I gave up. I have been thinking of switching it al over to Word Press since it is a better platform all the way around. It’s just going through all the steps of setting up the blog and then transferring all of the current content over (as I say a little prayer).

The last dream I had this morning was my ex husband #2 and I in an airplane that looked like the Enterprise from Star Trek. In the “captains” chair sat a man – I have no idea who he was as I never saw his face, only heard his voice. The windshield of the plane has a shield over it so we could not see outside. It felt like we were flipping back and forth – the man told my ex that he has to get over there and fly the plane. He said no – he can’t do it. The man said that he had to – my ex was frantic – couldn’t fly the plane. I could feel us spiraling down, he still wouldn’t take the controls. I tried talking him into it – but he never would listen to me, so he didn’t here either. Next thing I know the shield slid open and I could see the rapidly approaching runway. The inside of this plan was now a Cessna – with someone in the pilot & co pilot seat. Behind them sat my two sisters, behind them my mom and my son, and lastly – my ex and I. I hear the instrument warnings go off. I glance out the window and see the runway under us. I brace for impact — which was rough and bounced the plane all over the place. I heard a voice yell to slam the brakes as the end of the runway was coming up. I leaned so that I could see and we were at the end of the runway. My son reached his hand back, I grabbed it, We all ducked and closed our eyes. I could feel something go through us. The pain – also went right through me. I could hear the fire trucks coming towards us. My dog Brodie barks and wakes me up – I yell at him to shut up and I fall back to sleep. I open my eyes to see what’s going on and I’m outside the plane. The plane is totaled. It’s smashed. I know I’m dead. I look around and no one else from the plane is with me – so I figure they are all still alive. As I I move towards the plane, time speeds up so that when I get to the plane everyone is on a stretcher and being carried out. They are trying to revive me. I sense someone next to me — they tell me that I have to go back. I don’t want to. She says that I must — then she adds in, do you want your ex to raise your son — good point. You still have a lot of work to do – you need to assemble the council. The council? I ask. She says – you’ll figure it out. Next thing I know I’m opening my eyes in my body – I do feel the pain now — and that pain causes me to wake up.

Now – I laid there for awhile and thought about this dream. The first part felt like I was in my ex’s dream. My family was his family for so long that it doesn’t surprise me that he would have had them in his dream. When the dog woke me up I glanced at the clock – it would of been time for my ex to wake up for work. So when I feel back to sleep his dream had shifted to my dream. I wish I could remember who the woman was — I feel she was Iris, but when I ask Iris, she doesn’t say anything. It wasn’t a dream that worried me or scared me when I finally woke up – just the opposite really. I got the message that I have something important to do and no matter what comes my way – I have to do it. Push ahead and persevere.

I just got an email with the subject heading “Update your penis”. Snicker. What would I do if I had one? Stick the tip into the USB port and download something new and amazing? LOL. Spam — it cracks me up.

Monday night I had a past life dream of the 1920’s. It took place in NYC (as all of my past life 1920 vision have) in a Speakeasy. I was in a far corner at a table with two socialites – we were discussing money – main I was giving them a reading on how to advance their fortunes. Bill and Ted were a couple of tables over. An alarm went off – the Feds were here to raid the place. Within seconds the booze was gone – I heard a bunch of bottles drop. I knew that they were swimming in the sewer system. By the time the Feds got in, it looked like a respectable diner. After they came in, Will pushed through the crowd. He might of been a Fed – but just the feeling I got was that he played both sides of the fence. He walked right over to me and grabbed my arm. Bill and Ted stood up. I had a flash vision of this place being turned into a blood bath – so I quickly told the guys to sit down, I’ll go with him. As Will lead me from the place — I woke up.

Both nights I can remember fragments of dream visit with the crystal skulls. In each dream the skulls were present, as well as a very large waterfall and a crystal & stone temple. I can see myself going into a cave, crossing an underground river. But I can’t remember any more than that.

Also Sawyer showed up — we argued about what we were going to go see. I wanted to check out some island – he said he had enough of those – lol. So I suggested going back to the past and looking around – oh no, he wanted to move to the future. I suggested another planet – he wanted another galaxy. So what did we end up doing? Sitting at a bar during the 1940’s and drinking some strong shit.

I’m surprised lately how much of an effort Ted is making to telepathically communicate with me. He’s been asking – are you there? Have you left? When can I see you? Ramblings on about how crazy his wife is (hell, I could have told him that). I’ve told him not to be such a stranger and he promises that he won’t be. He said that he feels stronger when his energy is connect to mine – I tried to explain why, but he was gone.

I had a moment yesterday where I felt Will link to me and through his eyes I could see him looking at my business card. It gave my energy field a nice rush:)

What else happened? Oh – yesterday I was sitting on the potty doing my thing, when an upper tooth on my left side started to ache (again – an ongoing problem) I asked for some help here – I have no time for pain. I sensed Archangel Michael on my left – then my friend Dave showed up. He told Archangel Michael that he’s take care of this. I got so emotional when Dave showed up – I have no clue why. But I could feel his hand over my left cheek with my left cheek getting very hot. It was all very cool (so to speak). He and I chatted a bit – told him thanks. And I could of sworn he tried to hug me but he went right through — a very funky feeling. My tooth did feel much better.

Off to hopefully get my shower and then call it an early evening. I got my changes back for THE BLACK TRIANGLE and I have some work to get going on starting tomorrow.

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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