Dreaming, Astral Travel And The Unknown Man

Dreaming, Astral Travel And The Unknown Man

Unknown man is going to be the death of me (if my animals don’t kill me first). My visits with him are always the last dream I have before I wake up. He must show up around 5 am my time as when my alarm goes off at 6 am I know that he and I have spent time together.

The other night I remember him being in a long sleeved blue shirt and dark jeans. We were in, what I would call – a rich person’s locker room. You’ve seen it in TV shows – big spacious locker room with large dark wood lockers and posh benches. He was leaning against a corner locker when I leaned into him and he wrapped his arms around me. Relaxing, I melted into his body.

The feelings were safety, comfort and that in these arms I was home. I’ll be honest, I never wanted to leave.

I could feel his body getting heavy — I said to him, you’d better not be falling asleep on me. If you sleep while we’re standing up, you’re going to fall over.

Next thing I know, the locker door we were leaning on opened – and he stepped out of it! I looked past him and didn’t see the inside of a locker, but a whole apartment. I grabbed his upper arm and told him to hurry up and close the door before someone notices that he came out of there.

Then I woke up.

I really – really wish he would let me see his face. I do know that he’s tall — by where my head laid on his chest he has to be at least 6’1″ – no taller than 6’3″.

I was at a loss at what happened with me leaning into him and then all of a sudden he emerged from the locker. Betty mentioned that I was opening up myself to love and that after all this time, I was finally ready. Very true.

Then Holly said that while I was in his arms he was astral traveling. When I told him not to fall asleep, he actually was falling asleep. Him emerging from the locker was his stepping through his dream portal to me. All made sense.

When we dream, we are actually astral traveling. The two differences between dreams and astral travel:

  1. When you dream your physical body is asleep and your conscious mind is turned off. Astral travel your physical body is awake and your conscious mind is transferred to your astral body.
  2. When you dream, MOST of the time you are in a physical form as I believe that is how we make sense of the dreamscape. We travel to different dimensions/places when we dream and I feel we automatically shapeshift into a person so that we do not freak ourselves out. Now when we astral travel – for the most part we already know what we are getting ourselves into and do not have to be in a human form ot feel comfortable.

So to me it makes perfect sense that he was astral traveling, fell asleep and then was dreaming.

I wish I understood why it was so important to him to hide his identity from me. Is it someone that I would “freak out” knowing it was him? I mean freak out in a good way as opposed to running away screaming for my life. I know it’s neither one of my ex husbands. Although both were good huggers, over 6′ tall and when we were married I trusted them both completely – but now….I wouldn’t trust them at all. So I know it’s neither one of them.

Any thoughts?

Have a great Friday evening!

Allie 🙂


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