Dreamers, The Guys And Iris!

Dreamers, The Guys And Iris!

I know….it’s been awhile. I’d like to stay a good long while and fill you in on everything but I have no time. Please excuse this list format in order to get ya’ll updated.

  1. Spring semester went great – Dean’s list again 🙂
  2. Summer semester is really kicking my @ss. Seriously. It won’t be over till the end of July – I hope I still have my brain intact. 
  3. A producer is interested in DREAMERS. But instead of a TV series – a feature. More leaning towards Atlantis then dreaming – but all is cool. Problem is I need to have the treatment done NOW – and I don’t have the time or the muse. I need Will. He’s my muse. You mind stopping by? Not that I would kick out Bill, Ted or Vincent – let’s just make that clear. But I REALLY need Will. 
  4. New guys:  Kyle, Taylor and Zach. Not sure what it all means – but there you go. 
  5. BIG fricken shift coming up where the “core guys” are concerned. So flippin` big Iris is back. Yep – she’s back just for this. Makes me kind of nervous. 
  6. Sawyer/Josh – no idea where to even start or finish on this one. Let’s just say we sit around and chat a lot in our dreamtime. 
  7. I finally had my shift a couple of weeks ago in regards to my divorce. I always knew I’d be ok – but now I finally KNOW I’ll be ok. Make sense?
  8. When summer sessions are over I’ll be back to the weekly “Ask Allie” podcast. I’d like to say sooner than that, but I highly doubt it. 
  9. My “light guide” Gloria is me. It’s my higher self that is still a Star Person. 

Ok, this doesn’t need to go into the list. Back when I said I had to mention something about LOST. Of course the ep I want to talk about isn’t on Abc.com site right now – but it’s “Everyone Loves Hurley”. Towards the start when Libby approached Hurley because she “knew him” and he thought she was nuts – is how (I bet) Bill viewed me talking to him. Towards the end of the ep – where Libby kisses Hurley and he has a series of flashes – that’s who it was when I discovered Bill (but without the kiss of course). Now where Bill and I are concerned about the kiss – he said in a past life that all I would have to do is kiss him and he would remember our past. So when they had Hurley and Libby do just that I was a bit floored.

I know that there is a ton more I want to fill you in on — but I have to run. I’ll let you know when the shift happens with the guys:)

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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