Dream Visits With Bill And Ted!

Dream Visits With Bill And Ted!

The roofers are about to drive me insane. No peace and quiet to do a session, so I’ll fill you in a other items.

I ran into Ted last night in dream land. It was an interesting visit. I can remember him wearing jeans and a stripe shirt, his hair was short and he sported a 2 day growth on his face. He looked tired and his smile was forced. He and I were chatting and I asked him – don’t you remember our visits? He shakes his head and say only bits here and there. I tell him that the needs to remember more – he agrees that he does. Some more small talk that I cannot remember – then I launch in that it’s not how he looks that attracts me to him. I tried to explain the eternal soul connection and it’s what inside that counts and not his good looks. He sat down and I just looked at him and said – you don’t get it do you? He didn’t say a word. I walked around behind him and around a half wall — leaned over the half wall and commented – no one will take as good of care of you as I will. I don’t have any ulterior motives. I just want to make sure you’re okay.

Then the scene jumps and he and I are sitting on the ground, inside, talking. A tall, good-looking blond woman comes over and tells me its time to go out. I’m like – can’t you see I’m busy? Ted comments that I should go out more and have some fun. I told him that I wanted him to come with us. He kinda gave me a look like – entice me to go. I kissed him. A nice deep, long kiss and during this kiss (which was the 1st dream kiss we have ever shared — that I can remember) is that this was not what I expected on how he would kiss. He wasn’t as involved as I thought he would be. But then he commented that he would like to try that again.

Me and this blond woman were at a bar with Ted and we were doing shots of whiskey (which I actually hate — I over did it once many years ago). Ted gave me a kiss (and this one was as I expected) and the woman and I left him there. We are on a bus — I can see the parking lot and my Jeep Wrangler is there — but it’s being towed away. I comment to the woman that well – there it goes, I sure did love that Jeep – I need to get a new one. But then I looked over at the bar where we left Ted and it was a big straw & wood hut — with many women doing aerobic and Ted watching them (I remember thinking – at least he’ll have something to do when I’m gone. Then I had a pang of – what if he finds someone else – I talked myself out of being stupid) — I mention that I need to get a car that would fit him (meaning Ted). I decided on a Lexus and the woman said – Ted is one lucky guy.

Next thing I remember is being in an elevator that was going up – but it was traveling fast – maybe too fast.

Now I am walking along the desert with Bill and a group of people. Bill seems to be the new one to the group as the rest of us know to keep our mouths shut. He starts to speak – I tell him to hush and it’s too late. One of the boss guys jump on him – but to my surprise Bill pulls out a knife and stabs this guy in the side. Now I have an automatic rifle in my hands that I took out of a plastic bag. Someone is trying to save the man that Bill stabbed. I put the rifle on the ground and it keeps going off on it’s own. So since I cannot stop it – I keep moving it so that no bullets hit the groups of people that are milling about.

I did wake up with a wow. Although the dream visits ended with Bill — Ted was the freshest on my mind. I wish I could remember more about the dreams last night. I can bring forth bits and pieces about a school and the crystal skulls. But nothing that makes any shred of sense.

At the ULE over the weekend – I noticed that in my Gypsy Magic for the Lover’s book – that in 3 spots the “T” didn’t print in the headings. So I had a “able of contents”, “ips for successful magic” and “ips for your adopted stone spirits”. SIGH. This wasn’t an oversight on my part – but on the printers part. It’s being fix.

Tomorrow I get to talk to the class at the College of Wooster. I’m looking forward to it. I’ll try not to get them lost — as with me one subject can lead us down one path and then up another in the blink of an eye:) I’ll let you know how it goes.

There is a shadow that keeps showing up for a flash on my right. I know it’s not the roofers as this has been happening at night too. Last week my husband went into my office thinking that I was in there – when in fact I was downstairs watching LOST (like I’d miss that — silly man). He said he saw a shadow dart across my office and assumed it was me. He’s a bit freaked. Me — I’m like that happens all the time. But this time I’m not sure who it is.

Have a great day!

Crystal Sunshine!

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