Dream visits are a natural part of my sleeping life. I rarely ever get a solid night of actual sleep. I usually spend 90% of my time traveling the dreamscape. Sometimes I call to people to meet me, but more times than not I am the one being called. I have purposely turned off my dream recall during this time – with the exception if it is one of my guys, friends, family members, or big event affecting many. Of course, there are times when one or more of the previous is present and I still do not remember the dream visit. For dreams like that, my guide Joshua tells me that my conscious self is not to know the details – yet.

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The other night I was having a wonderful dream visit with Todd. We were talking, laughing — it was very relaxed and comfortable. Being there with Todd however, got me to thinking about Rick. So I asked Todd if I say Rick’s full name, what does he think of? Todd’s face clouds over – he doesn’t want to answer. So I ask again. He looked at me and asked – please don’t ask about him. As soon as he said that, the scene changed.

Todd was gone and Rick was sitting on an overstuffed red sofa. Looking at him, he was sitting all the over to the right (my right – his left). He patted the middle sofa cushion with his hand and asked me to have a seat. Rick is grinning from ear to ear as I walk over. That usually means he’s up to something. My first words were – what did you do? Me? He said – not a damn thing. I’ve been waiting for you to want me. It finally happened – and even better that I snatched you away from Todd.

I remember rolling my eyes. But when he leaned over and kissed me – all of my sarcastic replies just faded away. Making out on the couch like teenagers – we were interrupted by two older ladies in their 80’s. The two were bickering about us making out on the couch. One wanted to stay and pick up some tips as she watched while the other one wanted us to get a room. The one closest to us (and I can’t remember which one it was) farted really really loud. It took all Rick and I had not to burst out in laughter. When the two of them left the area, we couldn’t stifle it any more and burst out laughing. It woke me up. I was laughing when I woke up. It was a really nice dream visit.

Bill is still in my dreams every single night. 80% of the time I have no idea what happens in our dreams. Only that I know he was there. When I wake up I can still feel his energy. Bill is the type of person who reads and researches. I’m sure that is one of the reasons why he visits me. He is trying to figure out what he should do in regards to us, the group, and our destiny in this lifetime. He might be trying to avoid doing what we’re supposed to do. And I suppose he might be able to do that in this life. But it will not be that way for eternity. Eventually we will have to regroup and move forward. I am curious though – very curious – why all of us are reincarnated into this life if not to carry out some step in the plan? We haven’t all been together since our first life together. It’s been a very very VERY long time. I suppose we could each be carrying out part of the plan without us really knowing about it. Something that brings all of our puzzle pieces together into one finished puzzle.

I believe there are times, like now, when I think too much.

One person that I do not think that much about, but feel much constantly is Ian 2. With him I do not think – or fret – he just is. I like that about our connection. I often wonder if he’s found me yet. No I don’t — I already know the answer to that.

My question to you is this — is there anyone in your life that you have met or still haven’t but have knowledge of, that when you think of him or her there are no questions, no doubt, no fear – only pure love flows between you two? Discuss below.

This all puts me in a very Jude Cole mood, ‘Baby It’s Tonight’

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