Dream Visits, Rain And A Mysterious Stranger!

Dream Visits, Rain And A Mysterious Stranger!

Are you tired of the rain? God knows I am and I’m sure the folks in the New England states are too. My kid is stir crazy, my dogs want to eat my house and myself — the lack of sunshine has caused such a drain on my brain. Constant headaches. However, creative wise, I’m a moving — so go figure. Last night I’m snoozing away happily, when my cat Darin (yes, he’s Samantha’s better half) jumps on me and is just screaming up a storm. He will not leave me alone. Licking my face, my hands, my arms, pawing my hair. Finally, I’m like *&^%^%$#$#. He jumps off the bed and yells again (these were not just simple meows mind you). So I get out of bed and I follow. He takes me to the basement and shows me the mess — the rain had flooded the basement to a point where he could not make it to the litter boxes. I moved them all to safer ground again (had done so earlier in the day) and he jumped in to do his business before I had a chance to go up the stairs. Poor boy — he really had to go! Now the other cats would have simply went where they pleased, if the boxes were not to their liking. So I waited in the kitchen for Darin to get done and when he came up I gave the guy a treat for waking me up. He ate it and joined me in bed where we both promptly fell asleep.

My dreams last night were interesting. One set of dreams had me in a club with a guy that had played “Chris” on the showed CHARMED. I looked at him and asked him, what are you doing here? He looked at me and replied – I had hoped you could tell me! I can’t remember much except that there was another man in this club who I really was attracted to – and it was mutual. But he was off limits and we both knew it. He’s either friends with Bill in real life or he is helping him in some way — or maybe he knows both of us on the astral plane (or has since discovered us in real life as I have Bill) and knows that there is nothing romantic to be had with he and I. I don’t know — but I got the feel that he knew both Bill and I in some capacity. I can’t remember a thing about this guy — very frustrating.

Ahhh..in this club too was the man who plays “Sawyer” on LOST. He’s not the man I was attracted to in the dream visit, but he had a connection to the guy from CHARMED. Sawyer is in Chris’s (I’m sticking with TV names, instead of real, as it’s easier) soul circle and has some sort of protection or guardianship over Chris. Sawyer knew me and gave me one of those – it’s about time – speeches. I couldn’t get out of him why it’s about time — he kept telling me that I knew.

I leave this club and I’m going to walk back to my hotel. My friend Pat is there and I ask him if he could give me a ride back so I wouldn’t have to walk the few blocks. I instinctively knew I was in LA and that for me to walk would mean having to go through a seedy part and I wanted nothing to do with it. So Pat gets into this 1970 – something Camaro. It’s all white. He starts it up and exhaust fumes just go everywhere. Sawyer and Chris climb into a car next to us and both make fun of Pat’s car. Pat flicks them off or something and we get in and chug off.

I’ve had several dream over the last few months where Bill flat out ignores me – doesn’t say a word, doesn’t acknowledge my presence. It got me thinking — what if he really doesn’t see me? So I made note of that as I feel back to sleep after the Darin potty break. I entered into another dream visit where he did not talk to me. So I went around to other people in the dream to see if I could get their attention. I couldn’t. This tells me that there are times where I am just an observer of his dreams – just like I can be an observer of his life during meditation sessions. I found this very interesting. I hope that when I go to the Robert Bruce workshop next month that I can learn more about what to do when this happens, if I should do anything and how to remember more.

Oh – one last dream I had last night was a visit with Ted. We were arguing about our relationship. He kept trying to convince me that there was more to it than I thought. He kept bringing up marriage. Something that I’m not seeing or understanding about Bill. Ted won’t tell me what it is….but he’s determined for me to see that what I think I know, I really don’t know. Or something along those lines.

The “Write and Cast Your Own Magic” class is moving along very well. I wasn’t sure how this subject would do in email format, but everything is going great! The participants are picking up exactly what I a trying to teach them.

Have a great day!

Crystal Sunshine!

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