Dream Visits: Dreams, Past Live Memories Or The Future?

Dream Visits: Dreams, Past Live Memories Or The Future?

Will no longer feels like a tidal wave, he’s a constant contact now. One that is so life affirming. I wish I could explain what this feels like to those who have not found this type of connection. It’s a powerful energy – a life force that is no way shape or form can be denied, no matter if I wanted to deny it I couldn’t. Granted, this same connection is with both Bill and Ted – but with Will, it’s just different. It’s like Bill and Ted are two apples and Will is an orange. Will can and will open me up to possibilities that I had never thought were achievable. My path with him is different than my path with Bill and Ted yet they are all connected or flow into one another. I won’t say that I’m not confused here – because I am. It’s like go here – do this….no..instead run over here and try this — no, no, no…you forgot to do this over here first….yadda…yadda…..it can drive a person mad.

I had an interesting telepathic connection with Will today. I could hear the rummaging of papers, and him humming a song. I asked what is he doing…and all stopped for a second. I hear — hello? So I asked again…..what are you doing? He asks – is this Alison? I said yes Will, it is. He says – I’m trying to figure out who you are. I told him – you found me, you should already know who I am. He says – one would think that, wouldn’t they. I can’t remember more than a flash at a time. I told him to keep working on it – it’ll all come to him. He said that he was getting a headache and needed to break off for a bit. We said our good-byes and went our separate ways.

My dreams last night were really odd and disturbing. At one point I was in a stone fortress with a bunch of other people – we were protecting ourselves from some outside power or mob of people. It was important that none of us go outside the safety of the stone walls. The walls were holding back whomever or whatever was out there — it was a very strong wall. But our fortress was supposed to be a secret – we were a secret society. I remember asking a man if I could go to the tower and frighten the power away with some magic. I was immediately chastised by saying that and thrown into a dungeon. I escaped the dungeon by saying a spell (wish I could remember what words I used) and left the fortress by means of a secret passage.

I was in a neighborhood and on a side walk looking up at a blue house. The front lawn had a slight hill to it from the sidewalk to the lawn. Up on the left there was a person in a wheelchair who waved hi to me. I knew who they were and I started to wave back. From the right of the lawn came this woman in a gray dress telling the wheelchair person not to talk to me. I said to her — why are you doing this? I’m still the same person? She came over to me and told me to go away and never come back, I’m no longer wanted here. The person in the wheelchair though wanted to talk to me. I was with a person (not sure male or female) who tugged at my arm and told me that we needed to get out of here before we were spotted.

Then I am at a farm house and I see a bunch of stuff (suitcases, coats, a lap top) on a table & chair next to the back door. I see someone -a woman – picking a bunch of stuff up and I ask — where are you going? She says that they’re getting out of here while they can. She races out with a bunch of stuff in her hands. I yell — wait for me — and I grab what is left and race out of the house. Only problem here is when I left the house…the earth started to rumble and split apart, a fierce wind picked arrived and threatened to blow me into the cracks in the earth — which were molten lava. The scene reminded me of Superman — the 1st one with Christopher Reeve, when his planet was coming apart. The ground shook, shifted – lava spit up. The property was determined to keep me there. I couldn’t see the people who I was leaving with — but I remember hoping that they got away. I threw down the stuff and yelled — if you want me to stay you’re going to have to do better than that. I said some words in a language I do not consciously know and was surrounding the place in a while light. Angels by the thousands arrived – it felt like a good ole show down between good and evil. Then I woke up.

Dang it.

It was all so strange and so vivid. I could feel the heat — feel that wind on me….feel the pain in my heart when I was ejected by that woman in the gray dress. Everything was right there when I awoke.

BTW….hubby passed his doctor appointment with flying colors. Seems that they took a few dozen polyps out of his sinuses at the surgery and he doesn’t have cancer! What he has is a rare form of bacterial sinus infection that I guess doc’s in this area never see. So he’s on some high dosage meds and he’ll be fine. Thank you for al who had sent all of the white light, well wishes and kind words.

I hear the movie “Ghost” on downstairs — I think I’ll go watch!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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