Dream Visits, ADHD and Greedy Readers!

Dream Visits, ADHD and Greedy Readers!

It is so cold here — so fricken cold! My son and I were bundled up so tight in the way to school this morning. This evening we’re supposed to go downtown to see Santa. This will probably be the last year we’ll do this as most of his friends don’t believe in Santa – I’m just hoping to have it last a bit longer. Last year when we went down town he was yelling his heart out to have Santa say hi to him (he walked right in front of us) but Santa never did. He was so heartbroken. I tried to tell him that Santa hears everyone – even if he can’t respond to all. That seemed to make it okay. But just the hurt look on his little face…..

Did I tell you that his doctor said he was ADHD? And wanted to shove (of course) a bunch of drugs down his throat? The doctor and I argued about the meds for awhile – he wrote a prescription and I threw it out on the way to my car. I’m not sticking my kid on meds – I flat out refuse. I watch his behavior and know what sets him off – when something happens I change things. For example – he’s really into Xena (yes, the Warrior Princess) now. We watch it at dinner time. But last week I allowed him to watch it 2x before school. I found out that those days at school he was too wound up and ended up on blue (color scale – green, yellow, blue , and red ). So – no more Xena before school (along with no x-box and computer). And – he went back to being on green and a yellow.

The teacher is supposed to be giving me weekly update – but of course she isn’t. However, my son is being a big boy and telling me what’s going on.

I have no idea where this week went. No clue. I can’t believe it’s Friday.

The spiritual show treatment is done – as far as it stands now it’s good to go. So this weekend it’s horror flick time. Man, I’m such a wimp. I have some scripts to read, to get a feel for horror, and then the outline to do. All to be done during the day. I probably will never go and see any of my horror flicks – not a one. So when you go to see a horror flick – what scares you the most? The blood and gore – or the mental drama? I’d like to write a flick that really @ucks with your mind. More mind messing up and less blood.

The whole movie – TV scripts is basically on hold until after the Sundance film festival in Jan. No more headway can really be made on anything until next year.

Of course – maybe I would really like to work on the OBE sex book this weekend. I wonder if I can split my days into doing both?

I had a really funky dream the other night. My son and I were in this huge house – I mean it was pretty big. And it was our house. There were construction workers all over the place – updating it. I was on the second floor – in the kitchen (there was a kitchen on each of the 2 floors – connected by a back staircase and a dummy waiter). It was all stainless steel – so nice. I thought to myself – I wonder how my son is doing – playing with all of the hidden doors and secret passages. Sean (he would be the new guy mentioned in the last entry) was on my mind. I was having a hard time trying to figure out if he was here in the house with us or was he in the dream visit that just ended? It was really bugging me. As I was going to go see if he was around – someone wanted me to come over to this huge loft (which at one time was the ballroom) that overlooked the Great Room. This was to be my office. We had to plan out where everything was going to go so that I had the correct electrical plugs and so forth.

Next thing I knew, I was looking for Sean, but I was now outside. My son was on the back patio. I glanced over to my right and saw this big red tent – inside was a blow up bouncy ball set that kids and adults alike can go in – bounce around and dive into the balls. I thought to myself that I’d like to get Sean in there and bounce around with him – lol. I looked up in the sky and I saw the moon (it was day light out), a large bright star up diagonal from the moon, and under the moon a planet that look liked Earth. But I knew I was on Earth – so I couldn’t figure out why I was looking at it. I called to my son to hurry up and come here – I wanted to show him this formation. As he was running towards me, the “Earth” moved counter clockwise to the 15 min position and stopped. We just stood there going — wow.

I never did find Sean. Which – BTW – he has let me put his name in here – hence why the poor guy has dropped the “new guy” label. Another week until we meet – I’m looking forward to it. We have a lot in common. Had a little more OBE fun yesterday.

You know – I get so many emails and hits on my OBE sex blog. People want to know more about this – crave info. I still want to do a radio show with a OBE sex theme – but I can’t wrap my head around what it’s going to cover. Any thoughts?

I was not one of the winners of the Start Up Nation contest 🙁 Didn’t even place. But at least my little meter said I was hot:) Thanks to all who voted for me.

Indy is still here driving the cats crazy. I have to laugh — he really has had the last chuckle with these felines.

I’ve been thinking about about going on Keen & LivePerson – I should say carving out the time for it. Why? Because I am looking through what they are changing and damn! Some are $4.99, other’s $9.33 and even other’s $20 — that’s a fricken minute! Talk about doing it for the money and not to actually help people. Boils my blood it does (I’m talking about people who charge $6.99 and up). Hell – at $1.99 or $2.33 like I charge I think it’s a lot.

Better head back to work — have a great weekend.

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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