Dream Sex, Water And Joe!

Dream Sex, Water And Joe!

I’m still having fun with Joe – bless him:) Last night it was all about water. This time, however, it was during dream time!

He and I were in a hot tub kissing on one another and having a wonderful time. He asked me what would happen if we went down further in the tub, you know – through that hole. That’s was when I noticed a hole in the bottom on the hot tub. He grabbed my hand and down through the hole we went.

We were swimming through warm water, tropical fish and sheer oceanic beauty. He was surprised we could breathe under the water – I reminded him we were dreaming and that we can do whatever we want. If he wanted to change something (and this doesn’t include changing me into a Victoria Secret model) all he had to do was think it.

He shifted from a person to water. His “skin” was very smooth and although he was water – he was very solid. He asked if I’ve ever been fucked by water? I asked if the massage spray from a shower head counted? He laughed and said no. Then no – I said – I haven’t.

He asked me to stay human – I agreed. He leaned in to kiss me and it was so strange – like kissing warm water but it was solid – yet fluid. I had to keep reminding myself that I wasn’t going to drown the deeper his kisses became. Already naked, my body had no were to hide from his eager advances – nor did it want to. Roaming my hands over his body they smoothed over the surface, but my hands – every few inches – fell beneath the exterior into a hot pool of water.

Joe pushed me down on a flat rock and entered me – not only with his penis, but his whole body lowered itself into mine. The thrusting he was doing was from inside my body – it was odd, and amazing all in the same breath.

We came simultaneously and at that spilt second, Joe – as water – lifted out of me and became human again.

Then I woke up and was too turned on to fall back to sleep right away. After some serious business was taken care of – I fell back to sleep.

Speaking of serious biz – remember that the new OBE Sex newsletter comes out tomorrow and in it is a really good story about George.

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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