Dream Sex, The Ignorant And Telepathic Sex!

Dream Sex, The Ignorant And Telepathic Sex!

Dream sex — I’m surprised at the number of people who love to bash me (not to my face mind you) because of this OBE activity. I have been called everything but what I really am: a woman stuck in the center of Amish Hell.

I’m not one who really gives a damn who says what about me. I never have been. But what drives me batty about this last assault on my mental capacity is that it is being said that I’m not having dream sex, but a wet dream. Hello people — if you have actually taken the time to READ what I write, you’ll see that’s what dream sex is – it’s a wet dream! Sheesh.

And when I say read — I mean read the web site and may I suggest the OBE FYI – not one or two posts here on this blog.

I would also ask if you would hold your comments about OBE until you actually give OBE sex several tries.

For those of you who like telepathic sex and are having a difficult time connecting —–

After you picture your intended partner in your mind – make sure you can see that person clearly. Place then in the surroundings you feel they should be in – if they wear a certain scent, smell it. Have your imagination fully engaged in the connection.

Once your senses are engaged and you can see, hear, smell your partner – see a white or gold light coming from your body (the whole body) and expand that light to enclose your partner. The goal is to have both of you wrapped in this wonderful light that started at your body. This white or gold light is your energy body expanding and moving. The great thing about energy bodies is that they are limitless. There isn’t anywhere they cannot reach. Use this expansion to your advantage.

After the connection is made – you should feel a warmth and/or a vibration in your Sacral Chakra (located 2 in below the belly button) that’s how you know your connected. You could also experience energy surges (energy racing up or down your spine), a headache or body trembling.

Start small – imagine yourself kissing your partner or caressing their face, chest or nether regions.

When you are ready to end the connection – simply pull back the white or gold energy.

Happy OBE’ing!
Allie 🙂

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  1. Aunt Jackie

    I would just like to say that #1, I hate small-minded or closed-minded people, and I wish everyone would stop thinking that they know everything. It closes them off from so much magic and wonder in this world… Sheesh.

    Secondly, I need to mention that for the last few months, at random, I feel a ‘vibration’ sensation around my ‘lip’ area (you know what I mean). Like out of the blue. I wondered if it was someone trying to connect.

    Mind you, it is always in that spot… but it’s definitely energy. I’m just not sure from what.

    Just thought I’d ask.


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