Dream Sex, The Beach And Public Sex!

Dream Sex, The Beach And Public Sex!

Dreams – boy did I have them and was I thankful at least one of them contained some hot sex!

I found myself on top of a cliff, overlooking a vast ocean. Below me was scores of people – the beach was just covered with them. I looked down at myself and discovered I was naked. Not one to be shy about letting it all hang out, I made my way towards the beach.

When I got there – everyone was naked as well. No sex was going on – it was simply a nude beach. I looked over to my right and there was Vincent. Over to my left was Will. I stood there – wondering which way I should turn — I looked at Will and smiled- I nodded towards Vincent. He smiled back – waved and went on his way.

Vincent came over to me and held me in his arms. My head rested comfortably, nestled in his hair chest. He pulled back, cupped my face in his hands and kissed me. I commented he tasted like salt water – he replied that he’d already been in the water.

The next thing I know is that we’re both swimming through a group of people – they say hi, we say hi back. We stop out in open water. Neither of us can touch bottom (he’s 6’4″).

He grabs me and the kisses were — ohhh…so passionate! His mouth moved to my breasts that the water was nice enough to keep top side:)

Our hands roamed. I brought his lips back up to my mouth – I teased him for a few seconds with my tongue. Then I pushed myself down into the water. My mouth found his hard cock without a problem. The nice thing about knowing you’re dreaming is you can breath under water.

Back and forth my mouth moved as my hand massaged his balls. His hands were trying to pull me back up. I wasn’t ready – just yet. I let my tongue do some walking – up and down his cock, around his balls — I could tell he was having a difficult time holding back.

Finally I went back to the surface. He grabbed my legs threw them around his waist and entered me. His hands were planted firmly on my butt so that when he would thrust – I wouldn’t go far.

There were people all around us – we didn’t care – and neither did they.

He felt so incredibly good.

Before either of us could climax – we woke up. Probably because our bodies were responding to the dream.

Needless to say – I had to finish things off before I fell back to sleep.

Happy OBE!

Allie 🙂


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