Dream Sex, Telepathic Sex And Tahiti!

Dream Sex, Telepathic Sex And Tahiti!

I know – where have I been? Two weeks ago NYC – last weekend MI and here in good ole Amish Hell working my tush off. Good thing I have a lot of tush or I’d be sitting on butt bone right now – lol!

But with being so busy I haven’t had much of a chance at all to engage in any type of OBE sex. However – my busy state will soon involve writing daily racy erotica with a variety of scenes, situations and scenarios very – very soon. When that happens – many of my waking hours will be writing about sex. When I write about sex, the OBE sex radar goes through the roof. So starting about in July – I have a feeling the postings here will be much more frequent.

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Will made a surprise appearance — well, I should say several – over the last week or two. This morning when my alarm went off I was in the middle of a dream visit with him. In the dream we were naked in the blue waters of Tahiti. I remember where we were because I kept saying it over and over again so I would remember – lol:) We we were passionately kissing when my alarm rudely yanked me out of the dream. Luckily – Will wasn’t going to let it drop that easily. It shifted from dream sex to telepathic sex in the blink of an eye. I closed my eyes as to not break the connection.

We swam into a cave. In the center of this cave was a large white stone — very smooth, almost glass-like. I was surprised when my bare back leaned against it – that it wasn’t cold to touch. It was just as warm as Will and I. Will looked at me and smiled — he said: watch this. His left hand reached along side of the stone and I heard a “pop”. The stone shifted and expanded so that it became – for lack of a better explanation – a large stone scoop. It reminded me of a very large stone leaf. Will hauled himself up inside the scoop and helped me into it. Still – strange enough the inside of this stone was still warm to touch.

The combination of the wetness from the water and the smooth interior made this almost as good as being lathered in oil on a saran covered bed 🙂 But anyways…the kissing deepened and intensified. I tried telling him that I had to get going on with my day. But no matter what I tried to say he’d muffle it with passionate kisses. His fingers played with my nipples as if they were a couple of delicate flowers. Very erotic with the light touches. Two naked bodies slipping and sliding together in this smooth stone was more than I think either of us could handle.

I thought to myself it’s time to take control of this situation – so I did.

With the smoothness of the stone to my advantage, I flung a leg over Will’s back and was able to turn us over so that now I was on top;) I didn’t wait to hear if he would even protest (as if) – I jumped as if riding him was a must for my basic survival. And to some point it felt like that was exactly the case. Strangely enough the stone was not rough on my knees – it actually gave a little every time I pushed up and hardened as I came down. Will’s hands gripped into my waist – almost through my waist – the hold was so tight. The sounds of our excitement echoed throughout the cave until that precise moment were it felt like the electric company laid out a grid through our bodies.

I don’t know who was grinning more – me or Will. But then he said — now you can start your day.

Nothing like beginning a Monday with a smile!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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