Dream Sex, Telepathic Sex And Psychiconair.com

Dream Sex, Telepathic Sex And Psychiconair.com

Boy – let me tell you — I never knew it was so difficult to have OBE sex when you’re writing about it. I figure – if I’m writing about a subject I love to indulge in – I should get a hankering to have some. Heck no. The opposite happened last week – and most of the weekend. The more I worked on the OBE sex book – the less I wanted to engage in OBE sex. Simply not fair. Grrr…Arggg..

Anyway — wouldn’t you know it – Ted came to my rescue last night during a dream. Ted of all people. I asked – so how’s married life (I know it dang well sucks — but I had to ask)? He grumbled something that included a bunch of British cuss slang that I just didn’t understand. But by the tone — it wasn’t good. I asked him if he had asked his wife to try telepathic or dream sex? He said she didn’t believe in all of this mumbo jumbo (her words) and it was difficult to have sex with a person you really didn’t like.

Well Ted – what do you want from me? He smiles that devilish smile (damn that man) , grabs me and kisses me — and let me tell you — that was a hell of a kiss. What he can do with a tongue in French kissing should be considered illegal. Either that or he should bottle it and sell it to people who’s tongues sit there like a dead fish during kissing (don’t you just hate that – yuck). He pulled back and I stood there dazed. Ted moved around to my back and kissed the left side of my neck, right where it hits the shoulder (this would be my Achilles heel) and my knees went weak. With his right hand around my throat, he whispers into my left ear – want you to remember what you’re missing.

And with that — he was gone. And I woke up coughing. Why or why must he do stuff like that?


I was on the Maria Shaw Show this morning (http://www.Psychiconair.com) chatting about OBE sex — my favorite topic. One thing I was trying to make clear is that during telepathic sex, if a person does not want you in their energy – you’re not going to get there – period. We all have a natural shield that keeps unwanted energies out. So if you’re thinking about having your way with your favorite celebrity – forget about it! It won’t work. Besides – it’s just plain rude to try – never forget that karma is a bitch!

Because of what I do for a living – I come in contact with many people that I know — and of course – don’t know. I can’t tell you of the countless people who have tried to engage in OBE sex with me just to see if I’ll write about it — or maybe be so thrilled that they become my OBE sex partner. Because of my natural energy shield, they don’t get in. But of course I have fortified that energy field – just to make me feel safer.
On the other hand – if a person wants you there – then you’ll get in on either a subconscious or conscious level. You always know if you made it through to the connection if you get a warm fuzzy feeling from your solar plexus that fans out to the rest of your body. No warm feeling – no connection. And you can’t force a connection either. Telepathic sex or even a connection only works if both parties are into it.

Off to do the podcast!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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