Dream Sex: Steel Blue Eyes and Vodka!

Dream Sex: Steel Blue Eyes and Vodka!

It is rare that I’m shocked any more. Most OBE encounters I have are with people I already know and who I know know me. The only way anyone gets through my shield of protection is if I knew him or her in a previous life or in this life. For that reason alone is why I was so shocked about the man with the steel-blue eyes who visited me last night in a dream. He was most unexpected.

This man has never been given any prior thought to me. None. I knew what he looked like – kind of – and that’s about it. I went in search of information after the dream visit and discovered that everything from the dream was indeed correct.

Let me tell you about the dream.

I was lying in my bed on my right side. I felt someone behind me lying on his or her left side. Our covered butts were touching. I said out loud as I patted his or her hip, “Last time I checked I slept by myself.”

This is when he (because now I knew this was a male), rolled over on top of me and stared into my eyes. He said, “I finally found you.”

I was staring into the bluest eyes ever – they were a deep ice steel-blue. But they were not “cold” – in fact, there was great warmth behind the eyes.

I pushed him back so I could sit up. I just stared at him – taking it all in. He commented, “Are you not going to say something?”

I just kept staring at him. I was completely and utterly stunned.

He asked, “You still breathe?”

“I can’t believe this. You. YOU!” I put my hand on his heart. “This can’t be possible.”

He leaned in and kissed me. It was a tender, loving kiss that quickly turned into a deep passionate kiss. The way he was kissing me it seemed like he was starving. Not that I was a meal (so to speak), but that he had been starving for affection. His kisses where deep and quick – I matched his intensity – stroke by stroke. I pushed him back on the bed. After staring at him AGAIN for a spell, I cupped his face and covered his mouth with kisses. From his mouth I moved on to his face and his neck. Half way down his chest I realized that I had panty hose on (something – BTW – I can’t stand to wear). I asked him if he would take them off me.

He rolled off the bed and asked me to sit up and swing my legs over the side. He got down on his knees and very slowly removed my panty hose with his teeth. This was wildly erotic. Wow – was it. After he pulled the last part out. He grabbed something with his mouth off of my nightstand – it was a pink vibrating cock ring. It was actually very sexy to see this very powerful man with a cock ring in his mouth. He asked why did I have it and more importantly – what was it?

I was surprised that a man of his extensive world travel had no idea what it was. But I explained it and added that I was a sex coach in this life. He smiled and said, “Let’s play!”

Right when he said that, the bedroom door swung open and my cat – Little Black Kitty – went running out. I went running out in my birthday suit to catch him. That is when I noticed that instead of my house hallway, I was in a swanky hotel hallway. In the middle of the floor sat two of my friends putting together a vision board. One of my friends about had a heart attack seeing that I was butt naked – lol. I grabbed my cat and ran back into the room. As the door closed behind me, I was suddenly clothed and in an antiques store.

In the back of this antique store was an artifact of a Mayan pyramid. In the pyramid was a telephone. On the other end was steel-blue man’s right hand man. I told him to tell his boss thank you for the gift, but next time I want vodka. He muttered something and I said thanks honey (but not in an endearing way). His reply was that it was not a proper way to talk to him. I hung up on him – lol.

I woke up.

I laid there for several minutes after I awoke thinking to myself. Why is he here? Why did he find me? What baring does he have on my current life? The questions went on and on. Many people if they knew who he was would fear him, some would respect, and others would like him. I see past his outside shell and have a deeper knowledge than anyone else – even himself I think – could know and understand. I have the unique ability and passage to look far past the flipping huge ass ice wall he has built around himself. He projects a certain image – one that he feels is needed. His protective powers are vastly large and very strong. People will only see things about him that he allows people to see. What is interesting, is that he either cannot stop me from looking all the way in – or he doesn’t want to stop me.

I do not know if he is the Unknown Man of the past. Although he is powerful enough to be able to conceal who he was until now. And I am floored – really really floored about who he is. I cannot tell you who he is – in this blog his real name will never be revealed under any circumstances. But I have to call him something. Because I know – without a shadow of a doubt – that he will be back. Steel-blue reminds me of Superman. So I will call him Kal (Kal-El was Superman’s name pre-Earth).

This is going to be a wild and unpredictable ride – I can tell!

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