Dream Sex and Prince Charming

Dream Sex and Prince Charming

Dream sex with a Prince Charming (from Once Upon a Time) lookalike is going to drive me crazy. I say lookalike because I believe the man looks almost exactly like Charming, only he’s older by 30 years (putting him in his 50’s), taller and a fuller chest like an ex-pro football player. I say “I believe” because I know exactly what he looks like for only 1/2 sec after I wake up. Then the image is gone. No matter how fast I try to write things done, I remember it all BUT what he looks like. This is the same guy that reminds me of a bigger version of the actor Sean Astin. So I’m guessing that the man is a taller version of Sean Astin in the body, but in the face looks like Charming.

It is going to drive me crazy. Whomever this is, is very skilled (more so than I) in lucid dreaming and powerful enough for me not to remember. It’s rare that I can find someone who is better at this than I am — so the challenge is on!

The dream started with us at a Farmer’s Market in a big city. No idea which one. We’re picking out fresh tomatoes, basil, oregano , and garlic for homemade spaghetti sauce. Plan is to roast the tomatoes and then make the sauce from that. We also stop at a bakery and then an Italian store to pick up ingredients for a gelato dessert. The way we got along was very flirty and yet very familiar and comfortable like an big ole blanket on a cold day.

We’re at home (?) in the kitchen making the sauce, when he steps up behind me (fully clothed) and presses into me – grinding ever so slightly. His lips brush the left side of my neck, his right hand fondles my right breast. I encouraged him to continue – he was happy to oblige.

We moved from the kitchen to the living room couch. I remember thinking that it’s been awhile since I’ve made out on a couch 🙂 Not exactly sure how all of our clothes were removed, but they were. Every kiss he placed on my body felt like a bolt of electricity traveling throughout. When he returned to my mouth, his kisses were deep and probing. Each kiss explored the area of my mouth & lips without it being “too” much (no one likes a tongue shoved down his or her throat).

I could hear myself gasp as he started to enter me….

And then the alarm went off.

I of course yelled – OH COME ON!

While it was disappointing to wake up right then, I could still feel his lips on top of mine. That is a sensation I have carried on throughout the day.

Let’s hope tonight we pick up where we left off!

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