Dream Sex: Notes And That Kiss!

Dream Sex: Notes And That Kiss!

Not a lot of time in my waking hours for an OBE sex life. Thankfully while I sleep, dream sex still occurs:) And although the following isn’t technically “sex” it’s the closest I’ve gotten to it lately.

During a dream visit last night, Bill and I were in a very large room – looked like someone’s personal library. There was a desk and a round table – two chairs. We were pouring over notes when I could feel his breath in my ear. I tried ignoring it and kept talking about the notes. He inched in closer – I clenched my jaw and tried to distract myself from his closeness – trying to will my legs to take me to the other side of the table. I couldn’t move – my feet were anchored in some invisible cement.

He spoke – his mouth was only an inch away form my ear. I took a deep breath and tried to think of either of my ex husbands as I knew that would yank me out of any horniness that I was experiencing. No such luck – I couldn’t focus in on either of them for longer than a second at a time.

Bill was so close that I prayed he would just kiss me and get it over with – the sexual tension was suffocating.

Now he was 1/4 of an inch from my ear. The notes I held in my hands meant absolutely nothing at this point. I turned my head towards him, his hand grasped my chin and edged my face up so that my lips were close to his. We stood there – frozen in time for what felt like minutes, but I’m sure it was just seconds. Our lips touch – soft – as if testing the water. Bill looked into my eyes and as I gazed back I noticed that his blue eyes had a twinkle to them – they looked happy which is something I hadn’t witnessed in him in a very long time.

He leaned in to kiss me once again, this time our lips parted in anticipation – or maybe hope – of a longer kiss. Neither of us were disappointed. An electrical surge ran through both of us on impact. As passion consumed us both, we dropped what notes we had in our hands….

…and I woke up.

I must of heard the sound of falling papers for the next 5 minutes.

I wonder if his lips feel that good in person? Because I love to kiss.

If any of you are in the New Orleans area, I’m going to be in town Aug 1 – 4 for Maria Shaw’s Psychic Fair. On Sunday at 1:00 I’ll be giving a lecture on OBE Sex – stop on by!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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