Dream Sex, Mrs. Robertson and Licking!

Dream Sex, Mrs. Robertson and Licking!

Dream sex – what a way to spend a night! Even if the guy I was with wasn’t really my type. Background to my dream: as you know, I’m back in college. Last semester, one of the guys in class invited me to a frat party. I asked him if he realized I’m the same age as his mother – his reply – so?

I was flattered but turned him down. Sure I could of drank the guy under the table but me and a drunk horny college guy – I may have been temped to take advantage of the situation. But anyways, on to the dream….

I was in a frat house (shocker huh) and up in some guys bedroom (not the guy from class). I could hear commotion going on downstairs – but it wasn’t a party. He and I were talking about college – when he licked my face — and not in a good way — kind of like a dead fish. I looked at him and said – honey, if you want to lick a woman, you’d better learn what you’re doing.

I proceeded to use him as a tongue canvas – moving my tongue to his ear to lightly flick it, moving down his jaw line to his lips – having a spot of fun teasing his lips – back to his jaw line and to his neck – where my ancestry to Vlad the Impaler took over and I couldn’t help but take a little nip at the base of his neck. I told him his turn. He was bummed – he wanted me to contiune.

He followed what I did almost to the “T” and the dead fish was gone – he was more like an excited guppy now:) I asked if his kiss needed some work. He kissed me and while it wasn’t bad, it wouldn’t have been anything to get me to 2nd base. Luckily for me – he was eager to learn.

Unfortunately before I could teach him anything – I woke up. Hopefully we’ll meet again and get back to his lessons at Kissing University! And yeah – I felt like Mrs. Robertson.

Sometimes dream sex isn’t all about the actual orgasmic sex – but the steps to get you there. It’s about practice, practice, practice.

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