Dream Sex, Lightworkers and Step Back!

Dream Sex, Lightworkers and Step Back!

For people who work with energy on a regular basis, it is very easy to find themselves connected to random people (and clients) during the dream state. During the dream visit or connection, it is very probable that either the client or the lightworker will initiate OBE dream sex. Maybe not on purpose – but with the energy level high it’s easy to slip into OBE sex without even thinking about it.

This could make dealing with the client of lightworker uncomfortable for you and them – especially if anyone remembers the dream experience.

So what do you do if you are a lightworker, energy healer, psychic or anyone else who has a high energy field and you want to step back? You could learn how to lucid dream. If you learn how to control your dreams you will then know you’re dreaming and can change them. Personally, that is what I would recommend. Knowing how to lucid dream is just all around a good thing.

There are a couple of books that are also excellent on dreaming:

Dreamgates: Exploring the Worlds of Soul, Imagination, and Life Beyond Death


Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming

Plus I like this book for psychic (energy) protection:

Practical Psychic Self Defense Handbook, The: A Survival Guide

Now there are some things you can do in your environment, so that when you dream, you are offered a layer of protection:

  • A small indoor fountain: this can be placed by your front door or by the door to your bedroom.
  • A ring of salt: place salt around your bed. Replace once a week if needed.
  • Bowls of water: Fill non-metal bowls with clean (preferably spring water) water and place one bowl at the foot of your bed and one at the head.
  • Garlic: peel and slice a few cloves of garlic into thin slices. Spread the garlic over several small plates. Place the plates at the head & foot of your bed, night stand and/or underneath the bed.

Sweet dreams!

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