Dream Sex, Frustration And Orgasms!

Dream Sex, Frustration And Orgasms!

Dream sex is well – like a dream. Unless you get short changed – then it’s a sexually frustrated nightmare. This is what happened to me the other night. In the dream, I was in New Orleans. I watched a woman walk out of a bank – I knew she own the bank. I tried to go up to her and tell her how I can help her save her bank. She wanted nothing to do with a psychic – so she turned and left.

I wound up at her home. I walked in and cornered her. Look – I said – if you want to save your bank (which only had 2 branches and was owned by her family – old money) I know someone who can help. He’s in his lower 70’s, was a friend of your father, gave her a name – but I can’t remember what it was – and he will lend you the 20 million to keep afloat. Her husband came in – rather yummy looking – think a cross between Viggo Mortensen and Johnny Depp – looked to be in his mid 50’s. He asked me what in the hell I wanted – I told him I’m trying to save his wife’s bank. The wife said she needed a drink and stopped off.

He reached for a Cartier watch and mentioned about his money. I told him I don’t care if he was Bill Gates rich – he’s not the one who can help. His wife needs advice along with that money. He smiled – such a devilish grin – and asked – what kind of advice could you give her? I patted the sofa cushion next to me. He sat down. I leaned in and said – it’s not the advice I could give her that counts – it’s the advice I could give you. With that I took his hand and placed it on my crotch. With my hand over his – I guided his hand to run just the way I liked it. Not missing a beat, he took my hand and placed on his his pants – his cock was already on it’s way to being hard.

Here we were, each of us enjoying the feeling of getting the other one off. Both of our hands stayed outside the clothes, but it didn’t matter, we were deep into couple masturbation and engulfed in the sheer pleasure of it all. With my eyes closed I could hear people entering and leaving the room – we never stopped – I never opened my eyes. The sexual excitement grew and just as we were both on the edge of an orgasm, I woke up. I couldn’t believe it.

And right after I woke up – my son woke up. So I got to be sexually frustrated all day – SIGH. By the time I went to bed – at least I got to take care of the problem then – I feel asleep a happy little camper.

Enjoy what’s left of your weekend and let’s hope your dreams don’t leave you sexually frustrated!

Crystal Sunshine!

Allie 😉

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  1. Bizarro Aunt Jackie

    I had a very intense one last night, it spanned me going to many different places in a very strange ‘science-fiction-like’ building. Part of it looked like a psychotic old mental institution/hospital, part of it was like a place where a bunch of really pretty black female “Escorts” were working, and some was an office… it had weird elevators that turned corners in addition to going up and down… strange.

    I found myself in a very heated make-out session with a handsome dark-complected black man, we were in quite a passionate embrace when I invited a really beautiful black female over to join us. This was odd because I am “straight”, but in the dream I was willing to as I put it to them, “Make an Ice Cream Sandwich” lol!!!

    She gets behind me, and sort of caresses me while I’m still making out with dude, and it fades off into something else.

    So I was left a little frustrated too.

    Hate those, and feel your pain. 🙂


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