Dream Sex: Foreplay, Kisses And Bob!

Dream Sex: Foreplay, Kisses And Bob!

Dream sex is such a wonderful way to spend your time sleeping. If you think about it you’re killing two birds with one stone: 1) you’re resting your physical body 2) you’re enhancing your energy body – which in turn – strengthens your physical body. I think that it’s something everyone should try at least 2 or 3 x a week. Sometimes if you’re lucky enough, someone is already waiting for you when you fall asleep without you having to do any of the attraction work. Last night was such a night for me…

As soon as I fell sleep last night Bob was there waiting. He grabbed my hand and asked me come with him. We moved down this long white hallway that was sprinkled with rose petals. As we’re walking the hall – his thumb caressed the outside of my hand. I felt a chill go through my arm and down my spine. When we got to the end of the hall, double doors opened to reveal a decked out suite: round king size bed, soft music, a table full of fruit, chocolate and cookies. Two bottles of champagne chill next to the bed. The rose petals circle the bed and end on top.

He poured me a glass of the bubbly – I sipped the sweetness – grabbed Bob, kissed him and passed the champagne from my mouth to his. I mentioned to him that I’ve always imagined him a beer man. Really -he replied. In the blink of an eye the scene shifted and we were in a luxury suite high above Heinz Field. He said – Steelers, right? I amen him:) Below us a game was in full swing. I now had a Guinness in my hand and he had a Beck’s Dark. I’m watching the game — he’s kissing my neck. Wow – did he have a great mouth – he hit all the right spots. My knees buckled when he kissed the base of my neck at my left shoulder.

I blinked and we were out in a pine forest. On the ground was a blanket and a picnic basket. He said that I was too distracted by the game (very true). Bob didn’t waste any time with soft kisses, he went for full-course passion. I have no idea how we went from standing to rolling around on the blanket – but honestly – did it matter? I laid on my back, he inched my shirt up – kissed my stomach. When a bare spot was revealed, he kissed it. With my bra still on – his teeth played with my nipple. The sensations were amazing — I ran my hand trough his thick head of hair, egging him on for more. But he stopped. He looked up at me with those big puppy dog brown eyes and said — I can’t do this — not like this – I want the real thing.

I told him I understand – he will have the real thing – but just not now. He smiled and said – you bet I will.

Then I woke up. I could still feel him on me – the places he touched on my body still tingled. I could even still smell the pine! Needless to say I couldn’t possibly roll over and just go back to sleep. Lucky for me I had plenty of BOB’s (boyfriends with batteries) around – lol.

Slept like a baby!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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  1. Allie

    Hey AJ,

    It was cute:)

    If you're having problems with dream sex – try repeating this over and over every night as you fall asleep for a week:

    Dream sex
    with (insert name or physcial traits)
    I will remember

    You have to give your mind & energy a kick start sometimes.

    CS – Allie;)

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