Dream Sex, Energy Signatures and OBE Protection!

Dream Sex, Energy Signatures and OBE Protection!

As I fell asleep last night I was feeling in the need for some dream sex – so I went off in search of Vincent for some steamy lovin`. He’d been around me all day long, so I knew that he shouldn’t be hard to find. I entered into a dream and landed in a burnt out building – if felt like a house in France during WW2.

I turned and there he was — just leaning against a wall staring at me. I smiled — but something inside me was saying this was off, something wasn’t right.

He commented that he liked what I had done to my hair. In a few short steps, he was in front of me, kissing me gently on the lips. Although the kiss felt good – it didn’t feel right. I didn’t get that same surge of energy that I normally did. This got me to thinking – who was this guy?

I put my arms around him and hugged him tight (normally I would have had an all over energy surge – but now, nadda), pulled back and looked into his eyes. His eyes were brown, but didn’t hold the same spark as the norm. I asked how he’d been he said he was fine — with that he started kissing my neck, his hand fondled my breast. I gave him a little push and took a step back.

I looked him dead in the eyes and asked who he was — he of course said Vincent. But I knew damn well this wasn’t him. And that’s what I said with the adage – try again. He’s like, come on babe and took a step towards me. I threw up a thick protection wall and told him to stay back.

His appearance morphed into someone else – someone I don’t know in the physical sense, but was vaguely familiar (like from a past life). He asked how did I know? I told him, his energy signature is off, it’s not Vincent’s. He said that it was easy to track me down because my energy is so high because I practice OBE and he knew what Vincent actually looked like – but that he was hoping he could have gotten further with me before I figured it out – he missed the feel of my skin. As he said I’ll be seeing you again – Vincent did come out of right field and plowed right into him – grabbed him by the neck and told him to stay away. Then he threw him through the wall -and I mean through like the wall was liquid – the wall didn’t look damaged.

Because I could sense Vincent’s energy signature. I lowered my wall and allowed him to come near me. That’s when he threw his arms around me and gave me a huge hug. He told me that if I ever see that guy again, that I am to send for him immediately. I asked Vincent who that was. He pulled back, cupped my face in his hands and said — don’t you remember? He was the King who had me killed and you imprisoned until his death. It did ring a bell – a large alarm bell.

Vincent leaned down and his soft lips brushed mine – his tongue found mine and I could taste — mint — the kisses that followed were deep and passionate. I heard a loud noise and in a blink he was gone. Something must of happened at his house to jolt him awake.

I had written before about energy signatures and how no two people have the same energy. This was a fine example of just that – this person looked like Vincent, sounded like Vincent — but energetically it didn’t feel like Vincent.

If you ever encounter such a problem while you’re dreaming (and if you do engage in dream sex, your energy will expand making it easier for all sorts of people to find you), imagine a thick white wall of energy coming out of the ground and moving upwards, closing above you. Then think of another place you would rather be and you should go there. If this person follows you, you can ask your angels and guides to come in for projection. All you have to do is call them with something like this: “Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides surround me with your protection and keep me safe from harm. Thank you”. OBE Sex protection isn’t about safe sex, but it is about safety.

I do know that I will be on the look out for this guy now with this energy signature. In case you do not know what Vincent was talking about with the King and so forth – I talked about it in the past life regression I posted.

Dream sex, out of body sex or whatever kind of sex, it’s always important to be safe.

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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  1. Allie

    Hi There!

    OBE is a very interesting and orgasmic experience.

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    Crystal Sunshine!
    Allie 🙂

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