Dream Sex, Disappearing Act and New Sex Toy Store!

Dream Sex, Disappearing Act and New Sex Toy Store!

Dream sex — OMG I love it! Seriously. Even when life has me so damn busy that I forget not only my phone number but my last name (yes – both happened), I can still enjoy some dream orgasmic bliss.

Vincent stopped by for a dream encounter. I happened to be in an outdoor market – looking over some fruit and vegetables. Reminded me of the Santa Monica farmer’s market. I’m looking for a good cantaloupe when I hear a male voice say — give it a gentle squeeze. I look over and there is my 6’4″ dark-eyed Vincent. A sight for sore eyes.

Before I could say anything – his lips crushed down upon mine. He tasted like a combo of beer, peanuts and cig smoke – which to me I found very appealing. His tongue darted around my mouth in a haphazard pattern without rhyme or reason. The long kisses felt hungry, almost primal in nature. He had one hand on my back, another held my face. At this point I had no idea what I did with the cantaloupe I had in my hand. The noise of the busy streets & shops faded.

Next I heard falling water. Vincent and I were naked, on a rock ledge, behind the falls – he standing, me leaning back on the rock ledge with me feet locked behind his upper back. How we went from being fully clothed and kissing to being butt naked with him thrusting in me – is beyond me. But he felt sooooooo good. We fit together like a hand and a leather glove – tight and form fitting.

As we both rose to climax – he was commenting how he was floating out of his body – while I felt the same. Simultaneously it’s exhilarating and nauseas – the feeling of separating from your body. He said – I can’t keep it together. At the time I thought he was talking about not being able to last longer before orgasm. Which was fine – because I couldn’t hold back either. At the moment of orgasm I felt myself falling onto my bed. I woke up with that initial “thud” when I landed. I then realized that when he said – I can’t keep it together – he was talking about keeping our astral bodies in the dream world and away from our physical bodies. As soon as the physical body climaxes, it wakes you up, bringing you (obviously) out of the dream. Vincent wanted to “keep it together” because of the amazing feelings & emotions we were sharing. For minutes after waking up I could feel his lips on mine – him in me. I held onto those feelings for as long as I could. As soon as the faded – I rolled over and went back to sleep.

I know I’ve pulled a disappearing act – and I’m sorry. Time just isn’t on my side right now. College is going well — I’m part of a research team in the psych dept which is great but time consuming.

When my radio show “The Passion Zone” and podcast “Wake up Your Orgasm” both ended I took down my sex toy store. Last week I decided to rebuild it and have much more toys, machines, oils and more. The Passion Zone: http://www.thepassionzone.com/ is now back with a HUGE assortment of fun items. No worries – if you order from the store (and I hope you do as it will help me make it financially through college) there is a 3rd party doing the transactions. I have no idea who orders what unless they come to me with a problem (so far – knock on wood – there hasn’t been any).

Eventually I will add sex toy home parties to that site and will conduct them in my area (Wooster, Akron, Canton, Cleveland). If you want to know more info on that and/or get signed up for a party (where the hostess of course gets gifts) – email me.

Sexual Energy Tip:

Take 6 Carnelian and 9 Quartz Crystals and place them around your bed – alternating stones as you go (C – Q – C – Q). This gives the occupants of the bed extra physical sexual energy and/or can lead to awesome dream and astral sex. Clean the stones once a month by passing them through the smoke of Frankincense. If the smell of Frankincense makes you ill – run the stones under cool water for a few minutes each – then dry them off with a white towel.

If you missed the Universal Light Expo Oct 10/11 – we had a great time! The OBE sex class went fabo in the 50 min I had to give the class. Next year I will be talking about sexual energy – to improve your physical sex life.

Happy OBE’ing!

Allie 😉

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  1. Samantha Vandefeller

    I figure this is the best way to reach ya 🙂 I had another oBE experience 🙂

    I've been talking to this guy Tom (well I'm dating him) and I went and laid down and took a nap. Wasn't horny or anything. The next thing I know, I'm having all sorts of sex dreams with him. I woke up and told Tom about this, and he told me he was masturbating around that same time.

    And I had orgasmed in my sleep as well. So yeah…I seem to be really receptive lol.

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