Dream Sex And Do You Have A Condom?

Dream Sex And Do You Have A Condom?

I was in the midst of having a dream visit in a posh Central Park hotel in NYC with Bill, when he was whisked out of the dream visit and I was there by myself.

Here’s where it shifted to dream sex – I went to the hotel bar and ordered a scotch neat (I’m a beer & wine drinker – so I have no idea why the scotch), the drink was picked up by this handsome Hispanic man beside me. He was probably about 47 – shorter than me, around 5’5″ with deep brown eyes and a killer smile. We chatted – flirted for a bit and the next thing I know we were in my hotel suite. The suite had a nice living room w/guest bathroom. Through the double doors was the bedroom with a fabo bathroom.

The next thing I know he is all over me. Clothes are thrown all over the bathroom and we’re in the marble shower. In the midst of it all, I panicked that I didn’t know how to French kiss (it’s like riding a bicycle right — oh please tell me it is), and I just sat there. Which caused him to panic because I stopped. I was forcing my self to move my tongue so it wouldn’t sit there like a dead fish – but it couldn’t be a speed demon either. Trying to find that balance was driving me crazy – and not in a good way.

By this time his cock was so hard that I should have had it classified as a lethal weapon. For such a short guy in height – he made up for it in this department – wow — he could poke an eye out or seriously do some internal damage. I told myself to concentrate – after all, I was horney and wanted laid. We’re going after it like two teens who just discovered their hormones — then I asked — do you have any condoms? He looked at me — and replied, well no — I wasn’t expecting this — don’t you have any? I said no – they were at home keeping my sex toys warm. He didn’t find humor in that like I did. Then he throws at me – I have Syphilis.

I’m like – WHAT? Well hell, I’m disease free and I’m keeping it that way. He mumbled about not being contagious. I’m like nah — you go get those condoms. He ran from the suite – naked – in search of condoms.

Now I’m in my bathroom, hot and really bothered. I glance about and see the removable shower head. In the shower I go. With the shower head on massage, I aim it right at my clit as my fingers do some walking. In no time flat I am one relieved camper.

Lying butt naked on the bed, he comes back into the room (still naked I might add) with two handfuls of condoms – each handful is red, but one side taste like strawberries and the other has some sort of warming lubricant on it. I didn’t have the heart to tell him that he was too late…

…so I woke up.

Yeah, I know cruel — but I couldn’t wait for him. Who knows when or if he was coming back (then again – he did need his clothes). Moral of this story – remember to be prepared no matter what realm you’re having sex in!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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  1. Aunt Jackie

    Dang!! I was all hot and bothered up until the point of the “Syphilis” topic… Geez!! I think even with condoms it would be hard to go through it if you knew that the guy had something like that.

    Interesting dream… would’ve been hawt if not for the STD!! 🙂

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