Dream Sex And Bathtubs!

Dream Sex And Bathtubs!

I’m telling ya, I have to figure out who this Hispanic man is that shows up in my dreams. He reminds me of a cross between on the guy who is on “In Plain Sight” as Mary’s boyfriend (I think he was also on “Dancing With The Stars”) and Naveen Andrews who plays Sayid on LOST. And yes – I do know that Naveen isn’t Hispanic.

So anyways – in this dream visit, I’m in the bathtub (old fashion claw tub) — relaxing. There’s some nice music on, I have a glass of red wine – and strangely enough the door to the bathroom is open. In front of the open door is a man, with his back to me, sitting in a big, overstuffed chair watching TV – a baseball game. I open my eyes and glance over – annoyed that he is there. When I turn back, the Hispanic man is sitting on the edge of the tub, naked, with his feet/calves in the water.

He sees me see him, and he turns around, so that his back is now to me and he’s out of the water. I wrap my arms around his waist and pull him backwards into the tub – keeping my eye on the door so that I can tell if that man hears what I’m doing – he doesn’t turn around.

So Hispanic man is in the tub, his back to me — I reach around and grab his cock. Stroking it slowly. He tells me to stop – I tell him to be quiet — do you want to get caught? As I’m stoking him with my right hand, my left arm is still wrapped around him. Little nibbles and kiss on his right shoulder. It didn’t take long for him to get good and hard. I glanced over at the door, mister guard still hadn’t turned around.

Hispanic man moves away from me — I’m saying no – he’s saying yes — I’m asking please (I was enjoying getting him off), he’s turned around and has his hand between my legs saying please — all this while we’re trying to keep our voices down. I close my eyes, lean back and allow his fingers to enter me. I must admit – he has good hands. Back and forth his fingers went, working their magic. I remember having to bite my bottom lip to keep my mouth shut. I whispered please to him again — and he slid back into the tub. I reached over and grabbed his cock – which was still as hard as a rock.

Back and forth our hands moved, each of us watching the other’s pleasure – until neither of us could take it any longer and climaxed in unison. Immediately following – he was gone and I was on to another segment of this dream.

Thankfully this time I didn’t have to send him somewhere to get condoms! But last time, I got off in the shower – now this time he shows up and I’m in the tub. Humm…I wonder if a lucky bathroom experience is in my physical future?

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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  1. Aunt Jackie

    This is the guy with the VD? I’m still disturbed by that, but I guess in the dream sex it is a little different?

    Still hot material though… Better than Tom Cruise. (sigh) hehe

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