Dream Sex, An Instant Turn-On And A Stimulating Oil!

Dream Sex, An Instant Turn-On And A Stimulating Oil!

Sex, sex, sex — I swear I’ve been on a sexual roll since I woke up this morning. I would like to blame it on Vincent – he was involved (boy was he) – but this was all Allie’s doing this time. I went to sleep last night determined to have the upper hand in dream sex. I would have to say I got my wish.

The dream started with me in this large personal library with the song “Riot Radio” by The Dead 60’s blasting. Things are moving around in the air by the wave of my hand. It appeared that I was redecorating – moving chairs, books, pictures and knickknacks. There’s a picture I did’t like – so as it’s being suspended in the air, I wave a sword over and it pierce the picture. I laughed. I could hear a male’s voice shouting.

Vincent came barreling though one set of open double doors (there were 2 sets) into the room – he looked pissed. Before he could utter another word, I swept him into the air (still standing mind you). He told me to put him down, he doesn’t have time for this. With a flick of my wrist – both sets of double doors slammed shut and locked. With another flick of my wrist, his belt was undone – a focused look, his pants were unbutton and unzipped. I smiled and his pants dropped to the floor – along with his underwear.

Another snap of the fingers and all of the shutters on the long windows closed. I asked if he had time now? He replied – I don’t think I have a choice.

Of course he had a choice silly man – but I wasn’t about to remind him of it.

I raised him up in the air just high enough so that his cock was right at my mouth. He took a sharp intake of break as I gave his cock a nice long lick. I couldn’t help my self – I was obsessed with tracing my tongue up and down his cock, around the head, along the scrotum. Up and down I went – with every third trip or so taking his whole cock into my mouth – moving back and forth – and then going back to the tongue. I pushed him to the point where I seriously thought he was going to blow a gasket. Since I was the one doing the blowing – I didn’t want that to happen.

The last time my lips rested at the end of his cock, I didn’t remove them again – back and forth my mouth went, increasing in speed and pressure, with one hand at the base of his cock and the other hand on his ass. It didn’t take long until he had an intense orgasm. It was so intense, it woke me straight awake. I laid there for a few minutes wondering what he was thinking lying there in his bed.

But since I got out of bed this morning – all I have been thinking about is sex – like I’m some teenage boy. It’s rather funny. So I poured it into today’s work by putting into today’s podcast an energy exercise that will produce an Instant Sexual Turn-on, don’t try the exercise while at work – it could get embarrassing – and sharing my personal Nipple Stimulating Oil formula.

All in a day’s work!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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  1. Bizarro Aunt Jackie

    Yummy! I had to come check the story out after you mentioned it.

    There is nothing wrong with a hearty sexual appetite! Kudos to that…

    I like how you took charge and gave him no chance to start bitching about whatever he was angry about. Go Allie!


  2. Allie

    I figured whatever was pissing him off could be forgotten with some oral sex — and although I wasn’t next to him when he woke up, I’m 99.9% sure he woke with a smile on his face.

    CS – Allie 🙂

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