Dream Sex: Advanced Non-Lucid Dream Sex

Dream Sex: Advanced Non-Lucid Dream Sex

A little exercise from my OBE Sex II class that starts on Sept 2nd!

If you wish to jump into dream sex without really being able to control the situation – your main
objective is to meet up with the person and simply have sex. Try these easy steps:

1. You and your partner set up a time to engage in dream sex – or you just set aside some
alone time.

2. At the prearranged time,* imagine your partner as vividly as possible. At the same time you
are thinking about your partner – think about the location and/or any sex toys etc… you
would like to take in with you. All the items have to be forefront in your mind as you drift off
to sleep:
1. Sexual partner, 2. Hammock on the beach, 3. Vibrating cock ring….1. Sexual partner, 2.
Hammock on the beach, 3. Vibrating cock ring…1. Sexual partner, 2. Hammock on the beach,
3. Vibrating cock ring…etc
Repeat the details to yourself as sleep overtakes you.
3. You and your partner will meet up and engage in the sexually experience.
4. You may want to set an alarm for 30 – 40 minutes so that you remember enough of your
dream sex to write it down in your journal or notebook.
5. If your physical sexual partner is lying next to you – then you two can enjoy the physical
fruits of your dream experience. If your partner is in another location, enjoy yourself as you
remember the experience.
*NOTE: If you are without a partner, in step 2 imagine and feel the positive qualities you want in a sexual partner.
Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂
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