Dream Sex: A Rose Garden, Hot Spings And Icy Hot!

Dream Sex: A Rose Garden, Hot Spings And Icy Hot!

There have many new subscribers to OBE sex blog in the last several weeks – welcome to this little corner of the cyber-universe. I’d like to note that I would love to have other people blog their experiences here as no two people experiences OBE Sex the same way. If you’d like to be added as a blogger or you would just like to email me a experience to post here in the blog – please email me at gypsyadvice@yahoo.com. No one ever has to know who you really are – hell – I don’t even need to know who you really are – so if you want your true identity to be a super secret – it will remain that way.

I had a wonderful dream sex encounter with Vincent the other evening. We were in a rose garden – and to my right was a lovely archway make of roses. There were butterflies everywhere and it felt like such a peaceful moment. Vincent took my hand and we walked in silence through the rose archway into an area that had a natural hot springs. Rose petals floated on top of the hot spring and were strewn everywhere I looked. Just by thinking our clothes to disappear – they were gone and we slipped into the steamy, hot water.

Vincent’s mouth came crashing down on me – the kisses were very intense and passionate. His tongue darted around my mouth in such an erotic manner that I couldn’t grasp him hard enough to me. That was until he stopped kissing me and said – these bodies are a waste. Before my eyes his body was becoming liquid. I asked him to please not shift all the way as there some things that I still love to be hard. He laughed at that – but happily accommodated my request. My body was still as it was – but his was now translucent from the waste up and still rock hard (oh was he) from the waist down.

Now when he kissed me or his hands caressed a part of my body, in particular, my breasts, I could feel a liquid heat go straight through me and it excited me at the same time. It felt like the equivalent to the ointment Icy Hot, but the heat and tingles were instant. I could no longer hold onto his shoulders or back, so I moved my hands down to his waist and positioned myself so that he could enter me.

I don’t know how else to put this – but when he entered me it felt like a hot poker was inserted into my vagina. He didn’t burn me, but the heat was so intense that it ramped up the excitement level to what I would call – fucking crazy. I grabbed onto his hips and moved with him – ever mindful that he couldn’t thrust hard or fast enough. The edge of orgasm lasted for what felt forever, but it couldn’t be more than a minute or two when he said – hold on – and that was when the upper half of his body stepped into mine while the lower half kept thrusting. The man ignited all of our chakra’s at once while he was still thrusting. The orgasms were instant, long and intense.

When it was over I woke up – looked at my clock and just laid there thinking – holy shit. I had two cats staring at me making sure that I was okay. But I wasn’t okay – I was still turned on and after checking to see if my physcial body did indeed climax (it did), I took the matter into my own hands so that I could fall back to sleep.

I only pray that he does that again — and again — and again…….

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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  1. Bizarro Aunt Jackie

    Oh man that is 110% delicious! Well maybe more. I love it… I only wish I could have these dream experiences with Z. Even if we did decide before we were incarnated to be together but not ‘be together’ I feel like more intense spiritual experiences would be ok in the rule book–LOL!!! We have our occasional dreams, but for some reason we never get very intense, just kissing, and heated soul connection stuff. Hell he always was too afraid to totally let loose, but I figure we’re being protected and kind of ‘overseen’. I dunno. 🙂

    I do love reading about your cool experiences, but I envy the intensity!!

    Go Allie Go Vincent! Yay!! lol

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