Dream Sex, A Kiss and A Georgia Peach!

Dream Sex, A Kiss and A Georgia Peach!

I hope you all had a chance to welcome Uta to the Out of Body Ecstasy Sex blog! I’m happy to have her on board as a guest blogger! I feel her professional background plus her experience with OBE sex is a great asset to all those who are looking to expand their sexual boundaries!

If there is anyone else who would like to share their experiences and/or insight on OBE sex, please contact me!

Will was back again last night. As I was falling asleep he connected to me telepathically when I was walking down my dream path and towards my dream gate.  He kept it simple – said hi and I’ll see you soon. Any time I feel his energy I cannot help but smile.

The next thing I knew he and I were in a shared dream lying on a raft made of logs tied together with twine. He was feeding me a Georgia peach and kissing/licking off the peach juice that dribbled down my chin. He leaned in to kiss me and had a faint scent of pine. Not sure why I remember that. But his kiss was deep and as soon as his lips touched mine I tasted strawberry/peach. I’m guessing because of the peach I was eating and maybe he had strawberries??

He said something about if we’re not careful we’ll be naked in the middle of the river for everyone to see. We laughed at that. He kissed me deep and passionately the 2nd time, moving his hand down my body to my upper thigh

…and I woke up. My dog was barking at someone outside on the sidewalk. SIGH. Hopefully tonight Will will be back!

Happy OBE’ing!
Allie 😉

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