Dracula's Castle, Workshops and Money!

Dracula's Castle, Workshops and Money!

Something or someone has been pulling on me the last several days to have a session . But I couldn’t find the time or the calm center I needed to have one – until now. I am not using the wand today – flying solo again. Although it does sit right beside me.

I walk into the clouds and see Hanna immediately. She kisses me on both cheeks and holds out her hands for me to grasp. I ask where are we going and she only gives me a smile. We jump into the clouds and emerge in a vision I’ve seen before. I’m pacing in a “green room” and Cindy is there lending me support, I’m very nervous. As I’m watching myself I turn to Hanna and tell her that this is before a workshop and I’m nervous. I’ve seen this before – why again. She mentally tells me that this isn’t the same – by all appearance from this POV it does appear the same, but I need to stop assuming and open my eyes for nothing is ever like it appears to be.

I look out into the crowd and instead of seeing a few people – I see a few thousand. I can feel my throat close up in fear. I tell Hanna – you’ve got to be kidding me. She smiles. Then she tells me to look again. I do and I see him – in the front row is Bill. Hanna says that he is always here. That he travels with me and always sits in the same place in the audience. He is my rock – my focal point if I get too nervous. That calms me – to know he is there. I ask if he comes up on stage with me at all? She says all depends on the workshop. I tell Hanna that this is great and all – probably makes me a good deal of money. She agrees. But am I really helping anyone I ask? I don’t want the money if it isn’t helping others.

She just looks at me. I see a flash of the healing center I have in the castle. I get it now…..I tell her..this pays for the center? She nods in agreement. That these workshops give me the capital I need to open the center and to set it up as I want it to be. I ask if I do anything else with the money – does it benefit society?

Hanna takes me outside the theater to the lobby – and there are books – by me – at tables. Along with some essences and other items. She wants me to look at the books. I can see the Gypsy Magic series, the Empower your Life workbook (which is the workshop), my novel, “The Black Triangle” and my account of my soul mate journey. But there is one book – that is yellow – but I cannot see the cover, it’s blanked out. It’s all over the place and I can see a sign where it says that this book is on the NY bestseller list. I ask – which book is this? She replies that I haven’t thought of it yet – but when I do it will be ‘The One”.

I ask Hanna – where is the castle – Germany? She smiles. I see another flash – it’s in Spain! But I know that there is a house in Germany. I ask her again what else do I do with the money I make? She grabs my hand and we leave the area and into the clouds.

In a montage I can see:
Delivering presents to orphanages
Touring an animal sanctuary
Watching a house be built for an abused woman shelter

Now this makes me happy – to see that I am helping others. We emerge from the clouds into Romania. In fact – we are at the base of Vlad the Impaler (Dracula) castle. I ask what are we doing here? She says it’s mine. I’m like – what? She says that the proof is discovered to show that my family are descendants of Vlad. One way or the other – I’m the only one with the means to keep the castle from falling to rubble. She grabs my hand and says we’re going in. I’m like – heck no we’re not. Can’t you feel the heaviness – all that negativity? That place will eat me alive. She surrounds me with white and gold light – then smiles. I roll my eyes as I LIKED my excuse for not going in.

We enter. My skin feels electric. Energy is spiraling up from my feet and out the top of my head. It’s a combination of the heebie jeebies and the start of the energy zap I get when I’m on to something. I can see tortured spirit after spirit coming towards me. They get within a few feet of me and they shoot straight up into the sky – to the heavens. They keep doing this one by one – two by two…and each time the get by me and shoot up – I can feel my energy grow stronger. It is getting to a point where I feel like I’m going to just start shaking because of the energy and then it dawns on me: These are earth bound spirits who are attracted to the white light (the white/gold light that Hanna placed around me) when they come in contact with the light – the Divine grabs them and takes them to the heavens (since in all reality I am, as we all are, connected directly to the energy of the universe). Once I came to this realization – I had a handle on the strong energy that came through me. I looked at Hanna and said – I have to do this throughout the whole castle. She nods.

I remind her – doesn’t she know that today is Halloween? She nods and says – not today am I going to do this. I reply – I have to do this with my physical body here? She smiles. Darn it all. But I won’t be alone Hanna says – I will have help. This way I am going to remove the evil, save the castle and the surrounding area as it will be used for another purpose instead of scaring people.

She gives me a kiss on each cheek again – and it’s over.

What a weekend! I survived Trick or Treating last night:) Some of the kids were just so darn cute – others were very gross and still some of the older ones were too darn lazy to dress up. But it was still fun and my son had a blast!

I finished writing book two – “Gypsy Magic for the Prosperity’s Soul” YEAH! Just like I was told to:) Now to go through all of the other steps so I can get this out as soon as possible.

Hope all have a great Halloween, no matter how you celebrate it!

Until later…

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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