Doctors, Healing and Wands…

Doctors, Healing and Wands…

So I got to see my actual doctor today (as opposed to another one in the practice) as a follow-up to the blood and plumbing tests they took last week. She’s funny. Doc mentions that the tests show that I had an extremely high rate of infection – but none of the tests could tell you where that infection was located. She mentioned that there had to be much more going on then simply my throat being sore and infected. How could I tell her that my body chemistry changed and that’s what happened? I couldn’t. She did mention though that for being as sick as I was, being as healthy as I am now is very odd. In fact – she found the whole thing as odd. She asked how my shoulder was doing. I showed her that it’s just fine. Again she’s like – wow. All I did was simile:)

My dog (Indiana Jones AKA Indy), is being a healing hound. Everywhere I go in the house – there he is – tongue handing out the side of his mouth (he has no teeth to hold the tongue in), looking at me with those big brown eyes. So I’ve started sending healing energy into him once a day. This seems to be ongoing support for the so many health problems my snoop dog has going for him. He must of talked to my cat, Samantha (she had surgery few months back) as she is now also trying to get me to put my hands on her all the time. The darn cat actually jumped into the shower with me last night! Soaking wet – she just stares up at me. I was afraid that once I picked her up – the chain saw massacre would occur – so I sent her some light later on last night.

There isn’t much to tell right now about the healing. A white light enters through the top of my head, spirals through my body and out my hands. My hands get very, very hot. When they cool down is when I know that the healing light is done. Thus far, within a 24 hour period things have either cleared up or have at least started to mend. The more I read about healing, the more I realize that there are many things and/or people that should not be healed, therefore they won’t be. This seems to be based on a karmic lesson that we have chosen to experience during this life. No amount of healing light can help something that we are destined to have and to learn from.

This newly accessed gift has also given my interest in healing crystals and herbs a boast. Years ago when I found my wonderful healing wand, I had no idea that I would actually be using it in healing. I adopted it because it “called” to me and since I’ve collected stones/crystals all my life – that’s why I thought I was drawn to this particular spirit. Somehow, my healing techniques will involve the use of crystals/stones/herbs – but I’m not sure how – yet. I mean there are the traditional ways of laying on the stones and herbal medicine, but my feeling is that this involves so much more. Bill and Ted will be involved with me on this healing path. Bill has received the knowledge and the gifts that I have thus far – while Ted is still about 6 months behind.

My healing wand also allows me to travel to the past and the future along the astral plane – if I either sleep with it or have it on my nightstand. Nightly I’ve been placing the wand on my nightstand along side a large faden quartz, a nice since piece of angelite, a Herkimer diamond and Mexican dream fluorite. Soon it’ll be time to change some things around – not sure what combination will be next, but it will help to take me to the next level in my spiritual training.

Off to read a chapter of a book “Astral Voyages” and then to get my son at preschool.

Until tomorrow…

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