Do I Have A Screw Loose?

Do I Have A Screw Loose?

I may have a screw loose or I’m just turning certifiable – I haven’t decided which yet. I love to write – always have. I picked up some work from a British company to write some racy stuff month to month. I also have the cell phone company I write for. Then I have the column, blog, newsletter, gypsy magic books, readings, two screenwriting classes and the …what was I thinking…..I’m going to create a Blook.

Yeah, I know – what in the hell is a blook? A new buzz word apparently that is catching the eye of many. According to Wikipedia, it is: One definition of blook is a book serialized on a blog site. Chapters are published one by one as blog posts, and readers can then subscribe to a blook with an RSS feed, tag it, comment on it, etc. Now the story that has made this popular is from ( ) a murder mystery set in the dot com bubble. Check it out.

The story I’m going to use is an adaptation from my holocaust love/survival screenplay called “The Black Triangle”. I have submitted to be included into a new company who are publishing a 10/12 blooks. But if I am turned down – I want to do this anyway. After the story is online – a print book is made from it:) This is a book I want to write and this way it will force me to write it.

Cindy and I are changing our session days from M-W-F to T-TH. This works perfect with me with the extra writing load I have taken on. So I haven’t decided if I’m going to have a session today or not. I have 12 personality tests to write – so that will take most of my day.

I give Bill the letter and all of this creative stuff opens up. A coincidence? Nope. I had to get the information to Bill before I could embark on the next phase of my life. I know – a gut feeling know – that the next several months are going to bring some major changes to my life. Not necessarily in the realm of Bill/Ted – but all about me and my life. Changes that I welcome with open arms. It’s comforting to know all my hard work will pay off.

My blog, column and podcast are going to be part of a network called – Juicecaster. This has the potential to have my info on over 1/2 million sites. That’ll work:)

Ahhhhh…my son’s alarm is about to go off – time for preschool!

Until later…..

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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