Dizzy Spells, Dream Visits And Bob!

Dizzy Spells, Dream Visits And Bob!

What a holiday weekend — my son’s allergies and his congestion are pretty bad – but he’s doing okay despite it. Me on the other hand – I don’t know what’s going on. Yesterday after we returned home from my mom’s house, I got lightheaded and very dizzy. It was as if I had taken a drug and was feeling it’s side effects. I tossed my cookies several times last night – but I found it was only after having to be up and walking. If I got up (and walked like a drunken sailor) and did anything – 30 to 45 min later I was hugging the porcelain God. This went on all Sunday early evening into Monday morning. So far this afternoon & evening I haven’t had to run to the bathroom, but in place of it is a killer headache.

No one else that was at my mom’s house is sick and my son is still going through what he had – nothing else new.

Which got me to thinking back to Bill & Ted. Any time something with them shifted or anything at all really in that period of discovery with gifts, soul mates, etc…I would get very lightheaded and dizzy. But it would only last a couple of hours tops – and it wouldn’t be so bad that I had to run to the potty. So if something shifted in my life – what in the hell is it? Which of course had me think back during the day to see if any visions or anything happened that I should’ve taken note of. Which sent me back to my dreams fro Sat night/Sun morning. The last dream visit I had was with this guy I’ll call Bob. He’s been in my dream visit before – we’re always very flirty in the visits. This time though he was sitting next to me and he was leaning in to give me a kiss. I told him that I can’t do this because he’s married — that it’s wrong. He said he knew that it was wrong, but he can’t help himself — the next thing I knew we were kissing – it was a great kiss. I broke off the kiss and the look he gave me – his eyes twinkled. There was someone going through the room and I thought to myself that we’re partners, but now we’re lovers too. And as I thought that he reached over and put his hand over mine – gave it a light squeeze. A jolt of energy went through my body and I shivered. Then I woke up.

During the day his face keep popping into my head – then the same scenario would follow in a vision: We were in a crowded room – we were all dreamed up, but not together. I’m talking with a group of people, I have a drink in my hand. I let my eyes wander the room for a moment when I see Vince staring at me – I stare back. For the rest of this event – I would catch him watching me, observing me. He was flirty with his eyes. Finally there’s a point where I turn and he standing there next to me. He holds out his hand and introduces himself and then he says – we do know each other – don’t we? And that’s where it ends.

No idea. But we’ll see if I remember any more visits with him during dream time.

I didn’t get to the podcast today – I’ll do it on Tuesday. I also have another long list of emails to return. Please be patient.

I need to get back to bed.

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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